How Fifty Shades Darker Could Channel E.L. James’ ‘Grey’ to Brilliant Effect

September 18, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

One of a good dualities of a authorization is a approach that a fibre of cinema can take on a common temperament (the approach people speak about “the Harry Potter films”, for instance) and be deliberate a whole, though can also away take on their own, apart identities. The Twilight saga is a quite good instance of this, any complement carrying a opposing vibe as done by a executive during a helm.

And so, as Universal eyes a Fifty Shades of Grey sequel, we suspicion it would be fun to demeanour during how a change in executive could concede Fifty Shades Darker to have some critical fun, branch expectations of a authorization upside down and formulating a film with a noted particular identity, while stability to propel a authorization brazen and do probity to a account of a books.

Who accurately is James Foley?

With Sam Taylor-Johnson out of a picture, carrying clashed regularly with E.L. James during prolongation of Grey, James Foley has been recruited to approach Fifty Shades Darker. On initial clarity it’s an peculiar choice – his final film was 8 whole years ago, a wholly unmemorable Halle Berry thriller Perfect Stranger.

James Foley's been tough during work on House of Cards
James Foley’s been tough during work on House of Cards

But Foley has destined 12 episodes of House of Cards across 3 seasons of a Netflix show, that competence spirit during a some-more tangible visible cultured for Darker.

Who’s personification Jack Hyde?

With Darker set to start filming soon, some-more casting news should be leaking out in a entrance weeks, quite per a luscious purpose of Elena, though already flattering estimable rumours are gaining traction per a purpose of Jack Hyde.

Hyde, as we already know, grew adult in a encourage home with Christian until a latter was adopted by a preposterously rich Grey family, and so a hate was born. This being an E.L. James work, a impression is embellished in flattering extended strokes, though that doesn’t meant he can’t be fun in a right hands – and word is that those hands will go possibly to Ian Somerhalder or Theo James.

Theo James and Shailene Woodley: obscenely pleasing people
Theo James and Shailene Woodley: obscenely pleasing people

Somerhalder is a Lost star who younger audiences know best as Boone Carlyle on The Vampire Diaries, and has flattering most done a career out of personification bad boys with a certain charm, so it’s not as if a purpose of Hyde would be a stretch.

Theo James, on a other hand, is fundamentally a customarily chairman on a world some-more large than Jamie Dornan, and seeking us to trust that his Jack Hyde has spent fifteen years brooding about Christian Hyde’s good fitness instead of removing laid and vital a high life competence be too good a cessation of disbelief. You substantially saw him final opposing Shailene Woodley in Divergent, nonetheless that array is so beige we competence good have lost completely.

Personally, we would take James for a purpose of Hyde, if customarily since he customarily plays good guys and it would be fun to see him go opposite type.

Taking cues from ‘The Affair’

Okay, so purists substantially won’t be too prohibited on this thought (what’s new?), though if Universal and Foley wanted to get truly artistic with Darker, they could incorporate a dual-perspective account by bettering Fifty Shades Darker on a one hand, and borrowing from Grey, a new novel told from Christian’s indicate of view. It would work a small like Showtime’s groundbreaking new array The Affair, that tells a story of an event from dual perspectives – his and hers – that exhibit opposing sum in a tale.

By giving us an hour of Darker from Ana’s perspective, and afterwards an hour of a same events from Christian’s, Fifty Shades Darker could go over a singular range of a source element and deliver a thought of an dangerous narrator, withdrawal us to consternation whose chronicle of events is a some-more accurate, and because possibly celebration would wish to turn their retelling in their favour. Not customarily would this emanate a clarity of poser absent from a novel, it would also give abyss to Ana and Grey, dual characters who are flattering most only surface-deep on a page.

Who could helm Fifty Shades Freed?

Wait, aren’t we removing forward of ourselves? Probably best to wait and see how a supplement turns out before we cruise a threequel. That said, Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight movie, a initial in a franchise, was also a best, and once she over a follow-up films felt infrequently anonymous, so she competence be a plain choice to move a small aptitude to Freed. But let’s not assume a male isn’t able of doing this film probity either.

Fifty Shades Darker lands in theaters Feb 14, 2017, that also happens to be Valentine’s Day. What a coincidence! Will we be there, or will we only be examination a “highlights” in gif form on Buzzfeed? Keep your eyes peeled on Moviepilot for some-more Darker report and share your thoughts in a comments!

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