How a Fifty Shades Trilogy Ends — in Case You Just Want to Know

January 13, 2018 - Fifty Shades of Grey

The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy will be behind in movement when a third and final film, Fifty Shades Freed, is expelled on Feb. 9. With usually weeks to go until it’s out, here’s a outline of what happens in a erotic book between Ana and Christian. Spoilers below!

Fifty Shades Freed opens with a happy integrate returning home to Seattle after a prolonged honeymoon in Europe. Ana starts her new pursuit during Seattle Independent Publishing, and Christian becomes dissapoint when she keeps her lass name for veteran reasons. After deliberating and realizing how critical it is to Christian, Ana relents and changes it to Steele. The tract thickens when Christian reveals to Ana that he has bought Seattle Independent Publishing as a late wedding benefaction for her and that he skeleton to rename it.

Christian attempts to say a parsimonious control on Ana (pun intended), though he has to go on business trip. While he’s away, Ana goes to accommodate her best crony Kate for a drink, opposite Christian’s wishes. When she returns, all ruin breaks lax when Ana discovers her former trainer Jack Hyde in their home! Jack pennyless in and, interjection to a Steeles’ security, he was knocked unconscious. They learn channel fasten in his pocket, and Jack is arrested for attempted kidnapping.

Despite this tighten call, Ana yearns for some-more leisure and argues with Christian to let her live her life. Christian relents and surprises Ana with a outing to Aspen, CO, and invites Kate, Elliot (Christian’s adopted brother), Ethan (Kate’s brother), and Mia (Christian’s adopted sister).

Shortly after they lapse to Seattle, Ana’s father gets into a automobile collision and is put into a medically prompted coma. Ana and Christian stay by her father’s side in Portland until he is quick adequate to transport to Seattle. A few days later, Ana, Christian and her father lapse to Seattle so her father can start his recovery.

While during a sanatorium days later, Ana learns from her OB-GYN she is profound as a outcome of her blank several of her birth control injections. Distraught, Ana tells Christian, who accuses her perplexing to get profound on purpose. He leaves indignant and earnings dipsomaniac a subsequent morning.

At work dual days later, Christian emails Ana to let her know he will be out of city for business. Days later, Jack contacts Ana again — though this time it’s since he has kidnapped Mia Grey and wants $5 million in dual hours! Ana goes to get a income and collect Mia. Once during a bank with a income in hand, Ana is whisked divided to a watchful automobile where she discovers her colleague — and Jack! Jack gets his money, attacks Ana, and, in a struggle, she manages to fire him in a leg. She passes out, and 3 days after we find her in a sanatorium with Christian.

The integrate creates up, and Christian realizes how critical their family and this new baby are. The baby is a subsequent proviso in their life, and Christian wants to be a good dad. Christian starts to open adult some-more to Ana, generally about his prior attribute with Elena. Ana learns some-more about it and eventually is means to see it in a new light.

In a final scenes of Fifty Shades Freed, a book quick forwards to dual years later, with Ana profound with their second child. They are a design of domesticity and are scheming for their son Teddy’s second birthday. Despite a scattered approach Ana and Christian’s attribute began, they have been means to continue a charge and indeed seem happy.

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