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November 8, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

I get it guys, we do get it. The fanbase is super vehement for a subsequent iteration in a weirdly renouned Fifty Shades of Grey series; so a gossip indent is operative overtime when it comes to conjecture about when filming is going to begin, who is going to be brought in to fill out a delegate expel and how a imminent birth of lead actor Jamie Dornan’s second child will impact his filming schedule.

Yeah, What’s The Deal With This Dornan Fascination?

But there’s a uncanny trend recently, a immeasurable infancy of news about a arriving Fifty Shades Darker is about Jamie Dornan. Jamie Dornan looks prohibited eating pizza! Jamie Dornan only bought a house! Jamie Dornan is having troubles with his marriage. Jamie Dornan is delaying prolongation again on Fifty Shades Darker.

We already know that a reported “issues” per Dornan’s matrimony are a bunch of bull, a hangover from publications peddling a claims that there’s indeed any means of a hint between Dornan and co-star Dakota Johnson. Despite their on-screen interactions we know there’s not most between a dual in reality, even their press photos demeanour awkward. And Dornan has regularly emphasised that he’s very most in love with Amelia Warner, his mother of 3 years.

Romance of a century, aye.
Romance of a century, aye.

It’s already cryptic adequate that grown and immature women comparison are idolising a figure of Christian Grey (something that has been critiqued again and again and again), yet this wild mania with Dornan that persists in a tabloids crossed a line of suitable true into creepy a prolonged while back. Celebrity enlightenment has always been a small unfortunate that way, yet it’s unequivocally been ramped adult here and a heated concentration on Dornan takes divided from what (I assume) a books are perplexing to achieve.

So Why Is This Problematic?

See, there is an evidence that Fifty Shades of Grey is in fact a vehicle of womanlike empowerment, chronicling Anastasia’s passionate awakening by her encounters with a shop-worn Christian Grey whom she “fixes” with her adore by a array of tampon-pulling lip-biting passionate experiences.

Subtle imagery.
Subtle imagery.

That’s cryptic in itself as a womanlike impression shouldn’t only be there as a means for a manly to arrange his shit out, yet when each singular story and fan mindfulness is resolutely focused on Dornan it severely underscores a mendacity of this argument. This isn’t a authorization designed to raise adult a new epoch of female sexuality, during a core it is all about hegemonic manly desire and a mania with and celebration of that.

I’m not observant that women who suffer a authorization can't feel empowered intimately by reading a books or observation a film; if they do afterwards that’s great, positively something we should aspire towards opening some-more women adult to. But a wider sermon surrounding a authorization does not align with this idea. Why are we so spooky with Dornan, his life and his relationships? Why do we assume he has a energy to foreordain a approach a authorization unfolds?

The Problem With Ana

It’s since Anastasia Steele isn’t a character; she’s a card cut out designed for a reader to be means to insert their possess celebrity into, that’s since she’s so tasteless and unremarkable. She doesn’t need to have growth or courtesy since she doesn’t unequivocally exist as a plain impression in her possess right, she’s only there as a greeting to Christian Grey. It’s not about Ana, it’s about how Grey uses Ana.

And this isn't creepy during aaaaaallll...
And this isn’t creepy during aaaaaallll…

This isn’t Dakota Johnston’s error by any means, it’s a trashy essay of a strange content and a fact that E. L. James has been so nightmarishly realistic about permitting changes in sequence to interpret between a dual media. That’s why, even yet it done an implausible volume of money, Fifty Shades of Grey received “generally unlucky reviews“, since a screenwriter wasn’t allowed to qualification a correct instrumentation and a director wasn’t authorised to direct.

Whatever we suspicion of a book and a film aside, we can’t tell anyone what form of media to devour or how to devour it. If we suffer this feeble created faux-BDSM and can take something certain from it afterwards there’s positively zero wrong with that. But don’t child yourself that this is a form of content that we need to be feeding to immature group and women in a stream passionate climate, that is confused adequate as it is.

And for a adore of God, give Jamie Dornan and a prevalent conjecture about his matrimony and family a break. It’s roughly as unfortunate as a books themself.

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