How To Make 9 ’50 Shades Of Grey’ Sex Acts Work For You IRL

April 29, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

The 50 Shades Of Grey phenomenon is causing a lot of couples to highlight over how to piquancy adult their possess sex lives from a arise in fetter incidents to forcing one another to lay by what’s certain to be one helluva an ungainly movie. And vocalization of the 50 Shades hoopla, in 2012, Trojan conducted a consult that found that 50 percent of couples consider their possess sex life needs “charging up.” And as their hilarious 50 Shades Of Grey spoof 50 Shades Of Pleasure shows, going to extremes can get, well, ungainly — and painful, though not in a indispensably titillating way:


Sex therapist Sari Cooper recommends tiny stairs to make your insinuate life some-more fun and sparkling with toys and props that aren’t, uh, hardware. “Trojan products are everywhere, even grocery shopping,” Cooper explains. “It eases a whole thing: couples don’t indispensably have to go to a sex emporium downtown, that can be intimidating.”Instead of incorporating contracts and uncanny business with sex, Cooper suggests bringing behind a witty partial of sex. She also suggests clients ask themselves, “Which diversion do we like? Scavenger hunts? Twister? Hide and seek?” Think of your new toys in those terms: A blindfold can simply be incorporated into those games and be fun and prohibited for we both, and we won’t have feel so pressured and critical like in a movie. Sex is ostensible to be fun and a success is in perplexing something new – only do something different! That’s a win!

That said, there are copiousness of easier, reduction eager ways to feverishness things adult in a bedroom than psychological abuse from a billionaire who thinks we demeanour like his “crackwhore” mom (seriously). In fact, some of a sex scenes in 50 Shades Of Grey wouldn’t be voluptuous during all in genuine life because, well, genuine people are opposite than one-dimensional characters. Here are a weirdest and many worried 50 Shades Of Grey sex scenes to reenact in genuine life — and a few ways to make sex improved in ways that are, er, easier to swallow. (Hint: Start with, say, lubricants or vibrators before going all out with a damn roving crop.)

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