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February 15, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Dakota Johnson, left, and Jamie Dornan seem in a stage from “
Fifty Shades of Grey.” (AP Photo/Universal Pictures and Focus Features)

The devise seemed elementary enough. My colleague Stephanie Merry was assigned to examination “Fifty Shades of Grey.” When she found out we was also going to a press screening, she asked if we could move a stopwatch to assistance count how many mins of a two-hour film indeed include of the reason anyone unequivocally wants to see it — a sex scenes.

Because we am an incredibly inexhaustible chairman and friend, we agreed. After all, this approach seemed like a best approach to surprise people in allege either of not a film would perform their expectations or if viewers would be wasting their time. we usually had no approach to expect how formidable this charge would be.

Here’s a thing about “Fifty Shades,” a bestselling amorous novel that inexplicably became a worldwide materialisation and therefore demanded to be done into a underline film expelled on Valentine’s Day weekend: This film is flattering bonkers. You cannot try to incorporate math or logic. Thanks to a dumb mechanics of a film — and a fact that it’s usually rated R (as against to NC-17), definition a filmmakers had to concurrently make it intimately pithy yet protected for a ubiquitous assembly — tabulating a sex mins was utterly challenging. ​

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The categorical problem was with a logistics. When sex is a executive thesis in a movie, and each stage is heading adult to it, when do we even start a timer? This sparked a extreme discuss among my co-workers. Is it when a characters start kissing? When garments come off? The aged “Seinfeld” rule, “when a pap creates a initial appearance”? No one could decide.

But a emanate goes serve than that, quite with “Fifty Shades.” Those informed with a books (or anyone who has used a Internet newly and seen a inevitable trailers) know a mindfulness with a array is a in-depth scrutiny of BDSM. The protagonist, capricious billionaire Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan), prefers his sex bondage-style and in his “playroom,” that is ornate with whips, shackles and so many more.

This judgment done all some-more confusing. When Christian has Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson, his younger partner and passionate protege) tied to a bed and creatively uses an ice cube, that’s one thing. But it’s another when there’s a stage with spanking or a whip. Does that technically count as sex? Turning to a Internet for that doubt resulted in zero solely a Google hunt story that will substantially put me on some arrange of watch list during work.

Still, a stopwatch routine started out okay. The initial genuine erotic scene, about a entertain into a movie, is sincerely straightforward. Ana tells Christian that she’s never slept with anyone before, and he’s so repelled by this explanation that he agrees to abandon a playroom. Clothes are immediately shed. Even if there wasn’t any genuine nakedness for about 40 seconds — yes, we kept lane —  it seemed like it all should count: we timed a stage during dual mins and 30 seconds. Soon after, Ana approaches Christian and they start adult again. That was all of 16 seconds.

Then, things started to go a bit haywire as Christian started arrangement Ana his several methods of pleasure. (At one indicate my records review “38 seconds whips hands tied Seinfeld,” that we can’t even start to interpret.) The outcome of choppy discourse and never unequivocally meaningful where a tract (a lax term) was going done this complicated. Meaningful glances were exchanged and zero would happen; then, out of nowhere, someone would get naked. Scenes stopped and started comparatively quickly, veering from one instruction to another.

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The many formidable stage to time was an extended one that took place in a playroom — or “red room of pain” — that is a many endless arrangement of BDSM in a movie. Again, a executive is forced to use some artistic modifying to make certain that a film can keep a R rating (there’s lots of nudity) so a camera pivots behind and forth. You’re never unequivocally certain when it’s going to end. we clocked it during about 5 mins and 36 seconds, a prolonged time for any scene, quite one with small articulate and mixed roving crops.

There’s also a terrible stage of “punishment” that involves a whip. Ana is in tears, so it felt wrong to supplement it to a list — even yet that’s all partial of a passionate knowledge for Christian. Should it be combined to a tally? Or does it usually make everybody deeply uncomfortable? Does it matter? These are a philosophical questions that come adult during “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

So what was a series in a end? That would be 14 mins and 17 seconds of tangible sex and sexual-related activity during a film where that is a whole indicate of a existence. Is that adequate to tempt people to go see it?

For all of my complete stopwatch work, it substantially doesn’t matter. Reports guess a film will make about $50-$60 million this weekend, that could come tighten to a record for a Valentine’s Day box office.

And nonetheless no one sees “Fifty Shades of Grey” for a philosophical questions, a film honestly does move adult some engaging ideas about where film sex starts and ends (particularly with Christian Grey’s preferences), and how it’s portrayed. If anyone else wants to move a stopwatch and see how you clock it, have during it and see what your formula competence be.


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