Ian Somerhalder In ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’? Could Actor Replace Jamie Dornan In Sequels?

November 9, 2016 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Is Ian Somerhalder going to reinstate Jamie Dornan in Fifty Shades Of Grey? It’s something that has been reported from time to time and it creates Ian fans super happy — though it’s substantially only not true. Here’s what’s up.

According to Hollywood Life, there has been some increasing gibberish about carrying Ian Somerhalder take over for Jamie Dornan, portraying a purpose of Christian Grey in a Fifty Shades Of Grey sequels. The emanate is that a cinema have already been filmed. The news cites a new speak in that Dornan was asked about a rumor. Although Dornan’s response seemed arrange of curious, if we will, he flattering most reliable that a cinema have already wrapped and that he’s in both of them.

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“That would be unequivocally tough for them to do deliberation we’ve shot them both. That’s an costly mistake, I’ll put it that way. But good fitness to him,” Jamie told Jimmy Kimmel.

If we remember behind to a Fifty Shades Of Grey casting rumors, Ian Somerhalder was a favorite among fans. It’s still misleading if he was ever indeed in a running.

Ian Somerhalder would have been a ideal Christian Grey as he had that ideal smolder (hence his nickname, Smolderhalder). Fans would have desired to see him take on a purpose and would have unequivocally enjoyed examination him get down and unwashed on screen, though he wasn’t selected for a job.

Jamie Dornan took on a purpose as Christian Grey, that didn’t win over fans of a books immediately. Many were disturbed that he wouldn’t do a purpose probity and that he would miss that super mysterious, voluptuous persona indispensable to play Mr. Grey. After saying a movie, opinions still varied. Some people suspicion that Dornan nailed a impression while others suspicion that something was still lacking.

Dornan went on to speak to Jimmy Kimmel about a Fifty Shades Of Grey sequels.

“Jamie also joked that a arriving dual films are going to ‘ruin a franchise,’ that does tend to occur with sequels. But, we were super tender by a recently-released trailer footage, so we have faith that a actor and Dakota Johnson will be means to keep us meddlesome as a story about Christian and Anastasia continues!”

Fifty Shades Darker will be expelled on Feb 10, 2017, dual years after a initial film was expelled (it came out on Valentine’s Day 2015).

Ian Somerhalder has been distant reduction talkative about a Fifty Shades rumors and doesn’t seem to put too most suspicion into a gossip. Instead, he has been articulate about a 2016 election. According to Variety, Ian mentioned a choosing recently and indeed pronounced that he wouldn’t wish to live here if there was an non-professional president.

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“That’s not me personification adult American exceptionalism. It has to do all with a unfamiliar process and a bargain of a environment. Any chairman that potentially has a position of being President of a United States who thinks meridian intrusion is a hoax combined by a Chinese doesn’t merit to be in that seat. It’s only a elementary fact. we consider about a America we could potentially be lifting my children in, and we don’t know. we don’t know if we would indeed wish to stay here. It’s extreme, though we adore this country. we wish zero though a best for this country,” Somerhalder said.

Ian Somerhalder could someday finish adult using for bureau and that seems like it’s distant some-more expected than him replacing Jamie Dornan in Fifty Shades Of Grey sequels.

Would we have favourite to see Ian execute Christian Grey? Do we consider Jamie Dornan did a good pursuit stuffing a role?

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