Ian Somerhalder Jumps on a ‘Fifty Shades’ Bandwagon in New ‘Vampire Diaries’ Trailer

October 21, 2016 - Fifty Shades of Grey

With an hide look of a TVD final season, compliments of Entertainment Tonight, we found out that Damon is now embracing his “winning clarity of humor” and “new appreciation for chicky lit.” Of course, this is a win for all fans alike, as he proves that even in all his cloyed ways, no one — and we meant no one — is defence to a strong tract of a raunchy intrigue novel.

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But utterly frankly, I’m only about prepared to conduct onto Reddit and write some crazy-intricate fan theory, since there are some-more than a few connectors here.

One being that fans had a top of hopes for Ian personification Christian Grey all around a film’s casting process. And, two, Fifty Shades was creatively fan coterie formed off a cult classic Twilight — another vampire strike that his wife, Nikki Reed, played in.  

I don’t know accurately where this fan speculation is headed — we only know in my heart that there’s something there. Because who believes in coincidences? Certainly not me. 

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So, in a meantime, I’ll be penning a many infinite theory, though I’ll be certain to get behind to we when it comes to me. 


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