If You Ask Me: “Fifty Shades of Grey” with a Coördinated Duvet, Dust …

March 9, 2018 - Fifty Shades of Grey

I’m only going to contend it: “Fifty Shades Freed,” a final installment in
the “Fifty Shades of Grey” regretful subjugation saga, is a excellent film
ever done that opens with an elegant, grave matrimony where, underneath her
white edging couture gown, a bride might really good be wearing a boundary plug.
Of course, we desired this film before we even saw it, since we insincere it
would be a reverence to my dear aunt Miriam Freed.

I ceremony a whole “Fifty Shades” canon, since it defines an aspect
of love: light, consensual subjugation is ideally excusable if
administered by a hunky immature billionaire, and if a understanding includes a
Seattle penthouse; such fine vehicles as a yacht and a private jet; a
full staff, including confidence guards and a personal chef; and, above
all else, costly lingerie, a shoe wardrobe, and marriage. “Fifty
Shades” is fundamentally a agreement that Melania should’ve signed.

In a “Fifty Shades” trilogy, a heroine is Anastasia Steele, who is
transformed from a virtuous college tyro into a novella editor during the
sort of eccentric edition residence where a floral arrangements and
hipster-hotel-lobby décor are some-more critical than a backlist.
Anastasia is played by a poetic Dakota Johnson, whose whispery
baby-doll voice is what a bottle of reward shampoo would sound like if
it could talk. When Dakota is offered, say, a Tudor estate or a vibrator
the distance of a baguette, she always responds with a witty pout, like a
mom on Mother’s Day protesting breakfast in bed. Dakota is constantly
slipping in and out of several form-fitting outfits and French-temptress
stockings, while peering during a universe from underneath her lush, freshly
blown-out bangs. She’s like a bashful woodland quadruped that handed its
hairdresser a print of Anne Hathaway.

Dakota isn’t only what a film terms a “submissive”; she is also a
proud feminist purpose model, who demonstrates her editorial skills by
using a word “font,” and who openly interjection and hugs her bubbly
underlings. Dakota’s pursuit seems to include of holding brief meetings with
studly immature writers and carrying everybody constantly encourage her that
she’s a world-class editor—even after her love-master father buys the
company and she has to keep holding off afternoons to be handcuffed and
ravished, only like so many women in publishing.

Anastasia’s father is a gorgeous, ominous Christian Grey, whose
name is also a Martha Stewart-brand paint chip. Christian is played by
Jamie Dornan, who speaks in a plain-spoken snippet and properly regards his
dialogue as an Olympic-level challenge, generally when he has to cry or
inform Anastasia that her breasts go to him, as when she dares to
remove her bikini tip on a bare beach during their honeymoon. Dakota and
Jamie navigate all a “Fifty Shades” cinema in a smart, amused manner,
except when they get into arguments and lift their voices, that makes
them sound like Alvin and a Chipmunks carrying a therapy breakthrough.

Christian’s penthouse includes a cover of banned pleasures, called
the Red Room, that has a distance and ambience of a Midwestern beef house, with flocked wallpaper. All a whips and shackles are neatly
arranged, and we kept picturing a housekeeper asking, “Mr. Grey, should
I Lemon Pledge a tractability bench?” The blindfolds are carmine satin,
and there’s never a snippet of persperate or other corporeal fluids, and, unlike
at my place, a bedside tables don’t reason a box of Kleenex, an
economy-size jug of general ibuprofen, and dual additional pairs of drugstore
reading glasses. The sex in a “Fifty Shades” cinema reminds me of the
way a indication washes her face in a TV commercial, kindly dabbing two
miniscule puffs of soap wash onto her flawless cheekbones. Christian is
never shown frontally nude, and Anastasia tosses her conduct behind and moans
so ecstatically that we suspicion she was eating a Dove bar with her

The concentration is always, justly, on a palatable consumer products involved:
when Dakota straddles Jamie in a front chair of his sports car, we get
a prolonged amorous demeanour during their high-end timepieces, and a integrate is very
big on swaddling their ideal bodies in tantalizing cashmere throws. I
expected to see, in a boudoir, a mahogany tray stocked with Ralph
Lauren lubricants in a frail Nantucket Wharf fragrance. There’s also a
violent kidnapping, and, when Dakota rushes to broach release income to
the criminal, she pauses to name only a right leather receptacle to hold
two million in cash.

By a finish of “Fifty Shades Freed,” Anastasia is pregnant, and I’m
hoping that, in destiny sequels, we’ll get to see an darling infant
brandishing a studded rattle. Although, come to consider of it, Christian
Grey wearing a Snugli would be a ultimate subjugation moment.

Like so many women, I’ve used a “Fifty Shades” cinema to buoy my
own adore life, nonetheless we like to retreat a gender roles. Sometimes I
strip my husband, Josh, down to only his white polyester orthodontist’s
smock, a span of silky rayon fighter shorts patterned with hearts and
smiley faces, and his favorite Teva sandals. Then we put him on a leash
made of leftover badge from my gift-wrapping drawer, and we lead him
down into a Lexington Avenue transport and leave him on a internal train.
Occasionally, he gets lost, and we have a blithe dusk all to myself,
to binge-watch that HGTV uncover where a Texas integrate renovates decrepit
ranch houses to demeanour like Pottery Barn opening stores.

I theory Josh did once proceed me holding something that resembled an
enormous Williams-Sonoma peppers mill, and we was about to ask if he was
kidding, though afterwards we satisfied that it was a Williams-Sonoma peppers mill,
to use on a Sunday-brunch hummus-and-feta omelettes, that are much
more arousing than anything in a “Fifty Shades” movies. If we wish to
inspire a genuine New York orgasm, only hook a takeout menu and a few
slightly seared Valentine’s Day caramel-pecan Turtles.

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