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August 20, 2014 - Fifty Shades of Grey

You wouldn’t call a Space Needle seeking about their weekend room rates, yet we know a man who lives in another famous Seattle building that – interjection to a certain film trailer formed on a certain renouned novel about eccentric sex – is once again branch divided tourists mistaking it for a hotel.

His name isn’t Christian Grey, yet during slightest one foreigner on a transport has called him that.

Even if we don’t know what the upscale Escala apartments are, we know what done them an unintended traveller attraction. Without even visiting a mint complex, E.L. James used it as a centerpiece of her 2012 novel, Fifty Shades of Grey, that was a initial in a trilogy.

Separating fact from novella given afterwards has been a dicey proposition. we listened about this directly during my new revisit to Seattle to check out a Great Horror Campout. There, we was introduced by a mutual crony to Escala proprietor Neil, who wanted his name altered for this story, lest he attract any wanna-be Anastasia stalkers.

Welcome to a lush Escala. Be warned, we competence find “Fifty Shades” fan girls backing adult to take cinema in front of this sign.Photo: Greg Keraghosian

Neil doesn’t live in the $6.2 million penthouse that Christian Grey does – that does unequivocally exist yet doesn’t unequivocally come with a helicopter pad or Red Room of Pain. As a owners of a one-bedroom in a condo given 2010, he’s seen some bizarre traveller function given a book became a No. 1 best seller.

Neil says Escala “attracts courtesy from tourists who apparently only uncover adult in city with no place to stay … ‘Is this a hotel? Can we book a room? Well, can we during slightest lease a condo? My child needs to use a bathroom!’”

Neil says he’s seen lots of immature women holding their cinema outward a building – “it’s weird” – and one day when he walked outside, a bystander shouted during him, “Hey, it’s Christian Grey!” Considering that distinct Grey, Neil is South Asian and not white, he’s flattering certain it was a joke.

Christian Grey would have authorized of this staircase.Photo: Greg Keraghosian

With the film chronicle of Grey attack theaters soon, a looky-loos are gaining in number.

“Our stupid phone calls have peaked again where people wish to lease a room,” Erik Mehr, whose genuine estate organisation manages Escala, recently told CNN Money. “I don’t consider they comprehend that this is a condominium building that residents live in and there is no red room.”

Still, if we can get inside, there are some unequivocally appealing facilities inside Escala, as Neil showed me during an unpretentious tour.

With a run like this, it’s easy to see because people would event in off a street. A force some-more absolute than Christian Grey’s roving stand will enforce we to stand a grand marble staircase, surfaced with an elaborate clear chandelier.

On a second floor, we stumbled on a grill area with Virgin America-lit bar that was being used for a baby showering – considering Fifty Shades repute as “mommy porn,” we suspicion about crashing a celebration and suggesting a organisation reading, yet we suspicion improved of my good being.

Inside a private building, this is one disdainful bar.Photo: Greg Keraghosian

Elsewhere, we roamed by a film museum open to residents, a aptness epoch that overlooks a street, and a unequivocally un-sadomasochistic-looking private spa.

There’s also a “wine cave,”— no, not cave — that consists of a dining room adjoined by a climate-controlled booze storage area. That’s me personification a dom purpose as conduct of a table.

Upon going adult to Neil’s apartment, we was treated to a coolest underline of all, that is constant to a Fifty Shades story: a conveyor opens to his front doorway alone. And while his interior isn’t on standard with a telecom billionaire like Christian Grey or even a vital joining pitcher like Tim Lincecum (who also lived in Escala), it’s a distant steer cooler than a normal transport author will ever see.

We hung out in Neil’s vital room, that comes with a honeyed perspective of a Seattle waterfront, and we teased him some about publicizing his Fifty Shades associations to stir his dates. His response?

Check out a perspective below.Photo: Greg Keraghosian

“I don’t unequivocally need a help,” he jokes. “In my knowledge about half a people know a building by name. But it’s a good building, and when they do come revisit they customarily don’t wish to leave. A double-edged sword, perhaps?”

Neil’s dates also competence be wakeful that his section is going approach adult in value, interjection in partial to a book he’s never read. Since 2010, when he bought his mint section for a small over $400,000, a median sales cost during Escala has increasing 75%, according to Zillow – 62% of that swell is given a book came out in a open of 2012.

The traveller commotion competence keep rising as a recover date for a Fifty Shades film approaches – it’s set for Feb 13, 2015.

This essay originally appeared on Yahoo Travel.

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