Inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey, Northern Ireland’s possess amorous author has …

July 28, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

SUNDAY LIFE _ Cover of book The Bed and a Bookcase

SUNDAY LIFE _ Cover of book The Bed and a Bookcase

A suacy propagandize clergyman says she’s anxious that her amorous novel has turn an online strike in a series of countries.


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The Co Antrim lady — who uses a coop name Leonora Morrison — has not nonetheless achieved a success of Fifty Shades of Grey, yet her Northern Ireland-based bonkbuster The Bed and The Bookcase is off to a drifting start.

The erotic book that is set in Northern Ireland follows a X-rated diary of risque redhead Ginger.

“I had set myself a aim of being a bestseller, that we have finished already yet I’d unequivocally like to be a series one seller,” said.

“To do that, I’d have to strike Fifty Shades off a tip spot, yet we consider a book is good adequate to do it.”

Featuring internal landmarks such as St George’s Market and a obvious Belfast restaurant, The Bed and The Bookcase has turn a favourite among US readers and has been a strike in Australia, Canada and Japan.


“It’s extraordinary that it has sole so many copies since there has been no promotion in a likes of America nonetheless America is a place that people have bought it a most. I’d contend substantially 40 per cent of a sales have been from there,” she said.

“I knew people would possibly adore or hatred a book, yet a infancy of comments I’ve perceived have been unequivocally positive. I’ve had a lot of good reviews from people all over a universe on Amazon that has been nice.”

The author, who admits that she is “usually unequivocally quiet”, pronounced she used some of her possess practice as a basement of her raunchy read.

She said: “I’d left onto dating sites and there were a lot of mental things that we saw on them. It unequivocally non-stop my eyes to group in Northern Ireland. we couldn’t trust there were so many group like that in such a tiny place.

“The things in a book isn’t unequivocally indispensably personal experience, yet it is taken from being online and we talked to a lot of people about their practice too to assistance me build a story.”

She added: “Not many people unequivocally know that it’s unequivocally me who has created it.

“There’s usually about 5 people who indeed know.

“It’s been fine since a lot of people consider that I’m unequivocally still so wouldn’t put dual and dual together. To be honest, though, it’s utterly good to have an change ego.”

Refusing to exhibit her temperament until a book reaches a same status as EL James’s Fifty Shades of Grey, she admits that for some people, Ginger’s unwashed diary has valid a small bit too much. “It’s humorous since not all women that have review it have favourite it, yet it seems all a group who have review it have unequivocally enjoyed it — and a lot of them have not even review a book before so that’s encouraging.

“But we suspicion Fifty Shades of Grey was tedious and other people suspicion it crossed a line. we got about half-way by and afterwards had to only leave it since we couldn’t review any more.

“There are some internal bookshops that apparently perspective Fifty Shades of Grey as about as unwashed as it should get and see my book as being too dirty, yet we consider we should be giving people a event to make adult their possess minds about a book, generally since it’s been carrying good reviews on Amazon. There are some internal bookstores who have pronounced they are going to keep it in mind for offered after on in a year, yet I’m not certain if that’s only a respectful approach of them observant that they can’t put it on a shelf.

“I know a lot of people have review it quite since they’ve seen a cover.”


Following a success of The Bed and The Bookcase, a Co Antrim author is already formulation her subsequent disobedient novel.

“My subsequent book isn’t created in a same arrange of character — I’m perplexing to set it in Victorian times. It’s about a mystic and tarot cards so I’m certain that’ll be another one that goes down good with a politicians in Northern Ireland!”

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