Is ‘After’ Your New ’50 Shades of Grey’? Paramount Hopes So

October 17, 2014 - Fifty Shades of Grey

After book deal

If we aren’t informed with After, that’s substantially about to change in a flattering vital way. After is a novel by first-time author Anna Todd that has been a exile strike on Wattpad, an online village of readers and writers where books are published a section during a time. It originated as a serialized three-part series, that racked adult some-more than one billion reads, and starting Oct 21, it will be published by a Simon Schuster impress Gallery Books. After is also going to be done into a movie, now that Paramount Pictures has acquired a shade rights. Oh, and apparently it’s a hot-and-heavy fan novella intrigue desirous by One Direction thespian Harry Styles.

Is this a One Direction fanfic chronicle of Fifty Shades of Gray? Well, we can’t contend for certain since we haven’t review it, yet it unequivocally sounds like a conveyor pitch. Wattpad describes After thusly:

This ongoing trilogy tells a story of Tessa Young, an confident beginner during Washington State University, and a dark, uneasy man who has stolen her heart. After is reading that we can’t get adequate of: a story as addictive as TV with new chapters combined each few days. It is mobile: we review it on your phone and accept notifications for each new chapter. It is also social, with fans commenting on a story and messaging a author directly as a story is being written.

Todd has been adding to a After story universe regulating Instagram and Twitter to share photos, videos, songs, and art combined by readers. Wattpad sounds like an innovative use and it’s overwhelming that complicated authors like Todd are creation a many of their mediums, yet is there unequivocally adequate in After for a whole MOVIE? Wattpad’s ubiquitous manager thinks so:

After has a large built-in assembly that was cultivated on Wattpad. This understanding means millions of fans are one step closer to realizing their dream of saying After brought to life on a large screen.

We can design to see erotic intrigue on a large shade with After, presumably, along with a now-familiar inclement attribute element. Jezebel posted an mention from a story along with some snarky commentary:

For instance, during one indicate Harry get dipsomaniac and starts violation shit. Liam calls Tessa to come arrange him out, even yet they’re not even dating—she’s usually a usually one who gets him, we see. This noxious sell follows:

After he half-assedly apologizes, she gives him a palm job. This happens over and over and over again—Harry behaves during best like a prick, during misfortune like an violent beloved in a making. Presumably this continues for a rest of a trilogy (though we usually done it three-quarters of a approach by a initial book). How anyone even gets that from Harry Styles, child rope hunk, is anyone’s guess.

Ha. Apparently One Direction fans got so worked adult about a edition understanding they attempted to stop Todd from signing a contract, angry that she wasn’t even a loyal fan and portrayed Harry Styles in a disastrous manner.

As for Todd, well, she has tons of readers, she has a edition and film deal, and she’s all of 25 years old. I’m guessing she’s traffic with a disastrous recoil by shouting all a approach to a bank.

Had we listened of this book? Are we during all astounded another fan novella square might spin into a subsequent large intrigue trend?

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