iZombie: What Did You Think of "Fifty Shades of Grey Matter"?

February 3, 2016 - Fifty Shades of Grey

iZombie S02E11 “Fifty Shades of Grey Matter”

And we’re back… behind again, we mean. we don’t know because The CW brought iZombie behind from a holiday interregnum for an part usually to wrench it divided again for several some-more weeks, though I’m also not angry about that small pitstop on a approach to “Fifty Shades of Grey Matter.” Maybe it was, like, a same thing as Liv eating a mind to keep her humanity? Maybe The CW satisfied that if we went too prolonged though Ravi and Blaine we’d start to remove it and they figured crazy-eyed fans aggressive pointless adults on a travel didn’t feel like good publicity. Except, wait, that’s a good approach to marketplace a uncover about zombies. we don’t know. Forget we pronounced anything.

Fifty Shades of Grey Matter” was an part that featured Liv eating a mind of a librarian who was also a author of amorous fiction, though we substantially could have guessed from a pretension or any of a waggish promos for a part that have been circulating. What we didn’t theory from a pretension or those promos was that Kristen Bell, who was once and will perpetually be Veronica Mars, had a voiceover cameo in a episode! Also, Peyton had a severe week. And Major’s devise strike a snag. So in other words, lots of good things to speak about! 

I’m still essay my examination so strike a comments with your favorite and slightest favorite tools of a part and a examination will be adult ASAP!

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