James Corden shows Jamie Dornan his playroom in Fifty Shades of Grey spoof

February 7, 2018 - Fifty Shades of Grey

James Corden introduced Fifty Shades Freed star Jamie Dornan to a whole new universe of pleasure: indication trains.

In a travesty on a Fifty Shades film franchise, a Late Late Show horde took a actor inside his tip playroom, a place where few have ever tread. “It’s critical that we know we can leave during any time,” Corden pronounced a critical nonetheless moist voice. “I meant what we said,” he added, “a helicopter is on standby to take we anywhere we wish to go.”

Then he unbarred a doorway and Dornan’s whole life changed.

“You’re a nerd?” he asked.

“I’m a hobbyist,” Corden clarified.

Things got exhilarated when a late-night celebrity asked Dornan to “turn around,” after that he put on a bandana and sight conductor hat. “Call me vigilance master,” he instructed.

Of course, Dornan’s Christian Grey, a purpose he’ll reprise in this month’s Fifty Shades Freed, is a male of “singular” tastes. The actor will lapse conflicting Dakota Johnson in a film trilogy’s final installment, out in theaters Feb. 9.

Watch a Fifty Shades travesty in a shave above.

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