Jamie Dornan 2018: Dakota Johnson’s Former Co-Star Enjoys Vacation with Wife; ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Actor Displays …

August 10, 2018 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Jamie Dornan went on a outing with his mom Amelia Warner and they were speckled in Capri, Italy progressing this week. What held a many courtesy during a couple’s getaway was a “Fifty Shades of Grey” actor’s toned body.

At one point, a 36-year-old actor and his mom hopped on a vessel and hung out there. Dakota Johnson’s co-star was also seen holding his shirt off and diving into a waters. Paparazzi held these on their cameras and done their approach to several media outlets.

The photos uncover Jamie Dornan’s chiseled physique and it was a provide to fans. According to The Daily Mail, a actor was holding a time off and spending it with his mom with whom he seemed to be so smitten. The span also toured a island of Capri and enjoyed a sights by a vessel ride.

As posted by Just Jared, check out a photos of Jamie Dornan below:

Jamie Dornan and his mom are not a usually renouned celebrities to be spending their summer by a beach in Europe. Jennifer Lopez and beloved Alex Rodriguez were also speckled in a nation this week.

Jamie and Amelia’s summer holiday outing took place a week after a former helped establish a support organisation for cancer survivors and families of cancer patients. It is called NI PanC and it was launched in Mater Hospital in Belfast on Aug. 1.

The actor came to support this organisation as he also mislaid his mother, Lorna Dornan, to pancreatic cancer when he was only 16 years old. Thus, he is motionless to group adult with a gift in respect of his mom.

“I’ve always wanted to be compared to a gift that means something to me in a critical way,” Jamie explained to BBC News. “It all seemed really wise we could do whatever we can foster recognition of this horrible disease.”

Jamie Dornan also non-stop adult about a problem of usurpation his mother’s genocide in 1998. He pronounced that adult to now, he never got over his loss. “You never get over it and now that we have kids myself we see they don’t have a grandmother from my side — that’s an peculiar thing,” he said.

Jamie Dornan’s sister Jessica Dornan Lynas and his father Jim were also benefaction during a NI PanC launching.

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