Jamie Dornan Felt Less Pressure Going Into ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Sequels

August 20, 2016 - Fifty Shades of Grey

It might be tough to come adult with a film instrumentation of a novel that’s had some-more expectation than Fifty Shades of Grey. Six weeks after a announcement in 2012, a book had sole 10 million copies. The Boston Globe remarkable that, during one point, “two copies of a trilogy were offered each second.”

By a finish of a initial week of a trailer’s launch, it had some-more 100 million views over several Internet platforms. And when a full film was expelled in Feb 2015, countless theaters sole out opening-night tickets on a approach to an $85 million weekend.

Among those keenly wakeful of this was a actor who portrayed Christian Grey: Jamie Dornan. In a new talk with the Hollywood Reporter, Dornan removed how formidable i was to be underneath such heated scrutiny.

“Essentially, we feel like all of that vigour when you’re creation a initial of a authorization of [movies formed on] books that meant so most to people, that has so most courtesy on it, it can be utterly paralyzing,” he said. “I consider a lot of that crept in a initial time around, and it maybe affects a work.”

Now, though? Although fans of a novels by E.L. James are positively fervent to see a subsequent installments, a heat representation surrounding a initial of a array has cooled. That had Dornan in a calmer state while operative on them.

“A lot of a vigour of a initial film was gone,” he noted. “This time — we know since a movie’s done a lot of income — everyone’s loose a bit, so there wasn’t that vigour to set a tinge for a movies, so we felt a small some-more leisure this time, and it substantially done it some-more enjoyable.”

The Irish actor pronounced he’s wrapped on both a second and third Fifty Shades movies. Darker is slated for a Feb 2017 recover and Freed will arrive a year later.

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