Jamie Dornan is withdrawal Fifty Shades behind for hard-hitting roles

June 27, 2017 - Fifty Shades of Grey

It’s a finish of an epoch – a final film in a Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy is now in post-production. While there might be another book in E.L. James’ Twilight-fanfiction incited billion dollar franchise, both Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan usually sealed on for 3 and they’ve run for a hills now that Fifty Shades Freed has wrapped up. Jamie Dornan in sold has left Christian Grey behind in office of some-more severe roles and he’s usually started filming on his subsequent large project.

The Fifty Shades star has been speckled filming his new HBO film My Dinner with Hervé in North London, alongside Game of Thrones’ Peter Dinklage. It’s a large depart from erotica, as a whole film revolves around Hervé Villechaize – a former James Bond knave – and his final talk with publisher Danny Tate before committing self-murder a subsequent day. Jamie will be busting out his dictaphone and notepad to take on a purpose of a struggling journalist, and it looks to be a deeply romantic film.

Jamie has finished no tip of a fact that he’s totally over Mr. Grey, revelation The Sun in an talk that, ‘We have finished dual cinema behind to behind now, and I’m indeed finished with it. I’ve finished Fifty Shades…forever.’

It seems like he’s struggled with a same form casting issues as Robert Pattinson following a Twilight franchise, that might have prevented people from holding him seriously. The Irish actor revealed, ‘I pierce on really quick in my mind. As most as from a outward people consider we are synonymous with one character, though I’m really most like, ‘Right, that’s done’ and pierce on to a subsequent plan and worry about that character.’

Despite that, it looks like he’s going to be streamer behind into informed domain in 2018. Way behind when, he played The Huntsman in ABC’s Once Upon a Time and strongly pragmatic in an E! Online interview that he was ostensible to be Robin Hood, though chartering issues of a impression finished things difficult. He’ll get another gash during a folk tale next year in an arriving Robin Hood film as one of a hero’s happy men, Will Scarlet.

Jamie Dornan isn’t a usually one to have changed on from a franchise. Dakota Johnson’s been bustling starring in films such as How to Be Single and has also usually been expel alongside Shia LeBeouf and Bruce Dern in an indie crack called Peanut Butter Falcon. While we’re unhappy to finally tighten a doorway on a Red Room of Pain, it looks like it’s onwards and upwards for a cast.

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