Jamie Dornan Prepares to Unleash His "Little Mr. Grey" in Fifty Shades Darker

December 3, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

This could be a news that Fifty Shades fans have been watchful for.

According to Inquisitr, Grey actor and undisputed sex pitch Jamie Dornan has been charity a sincerely un-turndown-able $1.5 million – that’s on tip of his income – to strew all of his garments in Fifty Shades Darker.

You might remember that a few weeks ago, Dornan hinted during an increasing grade of disobedience in a arriving supplement (set for Feb 2017) when he spoke about his fad during “embodying” Christian Grey some-more fully.

Now, a puzzling crony Mr. A Source has left on a record to make a aforementioned confidant explain about a probability of J-Dorn “doing a Fassbender” in film series 2. Here’s a quote in question:

“They’re charity Jamie a reward of $1.5 million to do a full-frontal stage in Fifty Shades Darker,” an insider explained. “That’s only a starting figure. Jamie would be crazy not to cruise it.”

With a heat plummeting, let’s wish a scenes in doubt are shot indoors.

Inquisitr go on to explain that, should Jamie spin down a offer (although prior photoshoots advise he’s not bashful in that department), a physique double could be used, nonetheless that doesn’t unequivocally make most sense, given that a categorical advantage of a bare scenes would be audiences removing an eyeful of Dornan himself, not Mr. B Double.

In all seriousness, it’s flattering tough to know if these reports aren’t something to be taken with an epic splash of salt. More divulgence than a insights of an unnamed “insider” is a consistent tide of media conjecture that has begun to whirl around Fifty Shades Darker with over a year still to go until a film hits cinemas. That turn of hype suggests Universal might good be looking during a supplement with distant stronger blurb prospects than a initial film, that in itself did well.

There’s no “Shame” in an NC-17

It doesn’t make most sense, though story has shown that films featuring nakedness are mostly given a most harsher rating than those with clever uses of denunciation or violence.

For example, The Dark Knight was rated PG-13, notwithstanding featuring mixed acts of terrorism, assault and psychological trauma. In contrast, final year’s Gone Girl (a comparatively tame movie) is rated R, essentially for a single, passing cameo done by Ben Affleck’s penis. Nudity stays cinema’s final taboo.

Back in 2011, Shame benefited from large word of mouth hum as a outcome of a film’s infamous, full-frontal shot of Michael Fassbender, in further to a garland of sex scenes. But a nakedness indeed worked opposite it – a film perceived an NC-17 rating and done only $11m globally.

There’s roughly no possibility of gripping a PG-13 rating if Dornan reveals his mini Mr. Grey, so from a studio’s perspective, a advantages (massive amicable media buzz) simply don’t transcend a disadvantages (reduced box office). At a finish of a day, a internet exists for those who wish porn, though fans of Fifty Shades are substantially some-more into a story than a idea of Grey in a buff.

That’s not to contend a improved change can’t be found. Darker could really be sexier than Grey, it only needs to be intelligent about it. At a finish of a day, what’s pragmatic is as critical as what’s shown.

I’m extraordinary to know what we think: is there any law to these reports of Dornan being charity large bucks to strip, or is it all only a by-product of fans’ recklessness for correct updates from a set of Fifty Shades Darker?

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