Jamie Dornan responds to rumours that Ian Somerhalder will reinstate him in Fifty Shades Of Grey

November 7, 2016 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Can we consider of anything worse than a awaiting of Jamie Dornan being transposed in a Fifty Shades Of Grey movies?

I know, right – it’s a things of nightmares.

But if he were to be replaced, we can consider of a worse claimant than associate timber muffin Ian Somerhalder.

But are a rumours of Ian holding over from Jamie unequivocally true?

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! recently, Jamie was quizzed over a rumours.

“Supposedly, we listened that Ian Somerhalder is replacing we in that,” Jimmy said. “Do we know anything about that? Is that true?”

To that Jamie shrugged and said: “No. we don’t know.”

He afterwards added: “That would be unequivocally tough for them to do, deliberation we shot both of a movies. That’s an costly mistake, I’ll put it that way. But good fitness to him – he’ll be great!”

We assume Jimmy meant he was going to reinstate him in destiny films, though we like Jamie’s take on a whole thing.

During his time on Jimmy’s show, Jamie, 34, also told an implausible story about a time he met Bill Murray, and it was a biggest night of his life. Which creates sense, because, ya know… BILL MURRAY!

Watch Jamie’s full Jimmy Kimmel talk below.

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