Jamie Dornan Visited a Sex Dungeon to Research ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Role

December 18, 2014 - Fifty Shades of Grey

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Dec 17, 2014 08:52 PM EST

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson – Twitter (Photo : Twitter)

Women everywhere are gearing adult for Jamie Dornan’s performance as Christian Grey in a hotly expected Fifty Shades of Grey which hits theaters only in time for Valentine’s Day. The actor recently sat for an talk with a U.K.’s book of Elle and he admitted to visiting a sex dungeon or dual in a name of investigate for his argumentative new role.

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“I went there, they offering me a beer, and they did … whatever they were into. we saw a widespread with one of his dual submissives. we was like, ‘Come on guys, we know I’m not profitable for this, though we am awaiting a show.’ It was an engaging evening. Then going behind to my mother and baby baby following … we had a prolonged showering before touching possibly of them,” said Dornan.

The actor has also joked about looking brazen to carrying a pursuit that does not embody restraining women to beds. Dornan also has certified that a film will expected be a bit reduction risque than doctrinaire fans of a book would like since his agreement stable him from carrying to do any full-frontal scenes. So fundamentally this is unequivocally all going to come down to chemistry. There have been questions about either or not Dornan and his costar Dakota Johnson sizzle enough onscreen.

Sure, a small teasers that we have seen so distant make it demeanour a chemistry is on though it’s easy to emanate that feeling in a 90 second clip. Will Dornan and Johnson feverishness things adult enough to make loyal fans of a BDSM book trilogy happy? That is a loyal test. If they click afterwards it’s really expected that a whole array will be headed to a large shade though if not, Dornan might be wishing that he directed transparent of this franchise.

Do we consider that Dornan’s investigate will eventually compensate off for a actor by approach of good reviews and a box bureau hit? Tell us your thoughts in a comments below!

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