Joan Collins on ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’: ‘It’s a many tedious film I’ve ever seen’

March 3, 2017 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Joan Collins has called time on a hype around a ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ series.

The 83-year-old British singer is many famous for appearing as Alexis Colby in ’80s TV array ‘Dynasty’, though seemed in a twin of amorous films in a ’70s. ‘The Stud’ and ‘The Bitch’ were formed on books by Joan’s sister Jackie, and follow a nymphomaniac bar owner who blackmails her bar manager into gratifying her needs. In a films, Joan appears topless on a pitch and carrying sex in a lift. The cinema were hugely popular, and a ‘Fifty Shades’ of their day. 


Talking to us for Tuesday’s emanate of Time Out, Joan explained that, even 30 years given they were made, she thinks a dual films sojourn some-more amorous than EL James’s series. 

Joan says: ‘[‘Fifty Shades of Grey’] is a many tedious film I’ve ever seen. we couldn’t go to nap a other night, we was jet-lagged, so we was flicking [channels] and we thought: Oh, I’ll watch that, and we thought: This is unequivocally dull.’ She adds: ‘Ours were some-more titillating. It wasn’t in your face, if we know what we mean.’


Joan goes on to explain that she believes TV and film characters are reduction charismatic now than in a ’70s and ’80s. ‘Everyone in “Dynasty” is unequivocally engaging and charismatic,’ she says. ‘Compared to something we was examination on TV final night. It was ostensible to be a “glam show” though we said: ‘I can't trust how tedious this is.’ The one thing we can contend about “Dynasty” is that a people weren’t dull. Same with many shows from a same time – “Dallas”, “Miami Vice” – everybody was incomparable than life. It seems now shabby to be incomparable than life. People apparently, wish to see a actors act like “real people”…’

Read the full talk with Joan Collins in Time Out repository on Tuesday Mar 7. 

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