Judge wants $13 million set aside in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ case

March 11, 2016 - Fifty Shades of Grey

A decider wants an Australian businesswoman to spin over some-more than $13 million in income and resources to prove a visualisation opposite her stemming from a kingship quarrel over a smutty general bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey.

State District Judge Susan McCoy on Thursday systematic Amanda Hayward, who lives in a suburb of Sydney, to obey to a court-controlled comment a $1.8 million kingship check from Random House, roughly $10,000 from dual checking accounts, and other resources by May 16.

McCoy done a statute after signing an sequence in Jan awarding Jennifer Pedroza of Arlington $13.2 million after a jury final year pronounced Pedroza had been cheated out of her apportionment of a amorous novel’s gain by Hayward, a partner in a business that creatively published a book.

McCoy’s sequence doesn’t utterly “put a box to bed” — something a decider hoped to do after signing a judgment. If Hayward’s attorneys record an expected seductiveness and post a bond with a court, she won’t have to obey a income or assets.

“I’m confident with it,” pronounced Michael Farris, Pedroza’s attorney, who asked a decider to make Hayward spin over a income after expressing concerns about what has happened to a roughly $40 million a book earned. “It puts us a small bit closer.”

Robert Kantner, one of Hayward’s attorneys, argued opposite a turnover sequence observant it was “premature” given a justice had not nonetheless ruled on their suit for a new trial. Kantner pronounced they also were perplexing to arrange for an seductiveness bond.

In 2014, Pedroza sued Hayward, her partner with several other women in an e-publishing business called The Writer’s Coffee Shop that creatively constructed Fifty Shades of Grey. She purported that she had been defrauded out of royalties that a novel and a dual sequels had warranted given 2011.

It puts us a small bit closer (to collecting). Michael Farris, profession for Jennifer Pedroza

The Writer’s Coffee Shop started out as an online blog in 2009, though eventually published Fifty Shades of Grey by British author E.L. James, as an e-book and print-on-demand full-length book. The association also published dual sequels, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed.

In 2012, Random House done a understanding with Hayward and James to tell a books. Pedroza has pronounced she was not wakeful of a terms of a understanding — Hayward had converted a Coffee Shop into a association that she alone owned — though says she was due 25 percent of a net profits.

Eventually McCoy’s sequence gave Pedroza $10,634,587 in royalties as good as pre-judgment seductiveness of $888,643 and $1.7 million in attorneys fees. Since then, a judgment, incompatible a attorneys fees, has warranted additional seductiveness of about $1,600 a day.

The decider systematic a $1,767,000 Random House kingship check, about $10,000 from dual checking accounts and Hayward’s half seductiveness in a $5 million home put in a court-controlled account. She also wants a list of other resources that can be used to make adult a difference.

Since a jury ruled in Pedroza’s favor, Random House, that was not named in a lawsuit, has hold onto a final kingship check. In justice on Thursday, Farris pronounced a check was value $1,767,000.

In an try to “put a hands on approximately $13.3 million,” McCoy systematic that a check and supports in dual checking accounts be placed into a justice account. The justice also systematic Hayward to put in her seductiveness in dual homes with an estimated value in U.S. dollars of $5 million.

To make adult a balance, McCoy systematic Hayward’s attorneys to furnish an accounting of other authorised resources that could be affianced to prove a judgment.

In an progressing justice filing, Farris pronounced Hayward had seductiveness in a hair salon, several other homes and a sports academy, all of them bought with a royalties. He also pronounced Hayward had an seductiveness in a $7 million investment comment into that royalties were deposited.

By branch over a money, it will be “in a protected gripping of a court,” Farris said.

McCoy has until May 14 to confirm if she will extend Hayward a new trial. If she does not make a ruling, a visualisation sequence would go into outcome 30 days later. The new hearing suit was filed to give Hayward’s authorised group some-more time to ready a contingent appeal, attorneys said.

Fort Worth profession David Keltner, a former appeals justice judge, formerly pronounced he will disagree that a authorised partnership never existed between a women.

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