Kendra Wilkinson Wishes Husband Would Channel ‘Fifty Shades’ Christian Grey …

October 12, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

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Fifty Shades Darker” is not due until 2017, though Kendra Wilkinson is already blank suggested dominatrix Christian Grey so most so that she wants father Hank Baskett to channel a BDSM-practicing billionaire whenever they make love.

Kendra and Hank are approach past a latter’s intrigue liaison with transgender indication Ava Sabrina London, and are doing their best to repair their married status. And in a new part of “Kendra On Top,” a 30-year-old ex-Playboy indication finally certified what she wanted from her 33-year-old former far-reaching receiver hubby.

Apparently, aside from fidelity, Wilkinson also wants Baskett to male adult in a bedroom, that means she wants her robust father to be a dominatrix when it comes to love-making time, Hollywood Life has learned.  

“I only feel Hank takes me for postulated sometimes, not in life, though in a sex department. we know he thinks I’m hot, we know he gets incited on by me, that is not a problem,” Kendra pronounced while opening adult to her therapist.

She afterwards went on to say: “I have a male who’s super incited on by me, though he’s kind of frightened of me given I’m a some-more assertive chairman in a relationship.”

Wilkinson afterwards frankly suggested what is lacking from their sex life as a married couple. “I’m looking for him to infrequently step adult given I’m watchful for him to…kind of like…be a invader and kind of severe me adult and make me lick him, we know?”

Hank Baskett’s mom afterwards certified that given of a blank “dominant” side of a ex-NFL player, she has been looking during “other group again.”

Could this be a reason because she’s giving adult on a thought of patching things adult with Baskett and rekindling their intrigue as father and wife? 

Radar Online remarkable that Kendra and Hank’s matrimony might be attack a full stop after a mom of dual said, “I don’t caring anymore. F—k this!”

The site also quoted Kendra as saying, “I’ve finished all to get past what I’ve been through. I’m like f—k this whole critical bulls—t. It’s over!”

However, a attribute between a dual might indeed be distant from over given a “Kendra On Top” star updated her Instagram comment on Friday with a snap of their family, CelebrityBabyScoop has learned. 

In a picture, she and Hank could be seen with their dual bundles of joys, Hank Jr., 5, and Alijah, 16 months old, enjoying a discerning snack. “FroYo with a fam. #turnup,” a unapproachable mom captioned a snap.

The following day, Kendra common a pic of their family revisit to a Playboy palace that she captioned: “We went adult to a palace tonight to revisit Hef and Crystal. Was an extraordinary night throwing adult with everyone. #oldstompinggrounds #family.”



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