Knopf Editor Sonny Mehta Keeps ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ on His Office Shelves

April 9, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

This story initial seemed in a Apr 24 emanate of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

The Midtown West bureau of India-born, British-educated Sonny Mehta, 72, reflects his worldly upbringing and heterogeneous literary tastes. A selected cricket bat is propped in a corner, while a Bill Clinton bobblehead rests on his coffee list (Knopf published a president’s memoir). On a floor-to-ceiling bookcases, Fifty Shades of Grey, Toni Morrison, The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo and Graham Swift can be found on a shelves. It’s an unsurprising brew for an editor prolonged famous for an equally good eye for both high- and lowbrow fare. “What can we say? I’m a book junkie,” chuckles Mehta, who privately edits about 10 out of 120 books put out annually by Knopf, a multiplication of a world’s largest edition company, Penguin Random House, that boasted $3.6 billion in 2014 revenue.

Mehta, who has a grown son with mother and writer Gita, ticks off arriving releases he’s vehement about: novels from Judy Blume and Morrison, Oliver Sacks‘ discourse and in a tumble a supplement to The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo trilogy. Mehta, who arrived in New York in 1987, when he became usually a third editor-in-chief in a company’s story (following owner Alfred Knopf and Robert Gottlieb), says he now desired a city’s walkability. “I used to cut opposite a park to get home on a Upper East Side — a really easy approach to get here if a continue is good.”

Mehta, who has a digital calendar though says he prefers a old-school feel of paper, uses his bureau for a business of publishing. But he likes to revise during home, “the usually place where we can try to find undeviating time.”

The T-shirt, from artist Ralph Steadman and featuring opposite phonetic spellings of Knopf, was a going-away present when Mehta changed from London to New York in 1987 to take a tip job.

The dog statue outward Mehta’s bureau is a Borzoi, a Knopf trademark designed by a founder’s wife, Blanche.

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