Let’s Hope a Upcoming Fifty Shades Press Tour Is as Awkward as a Last

January 7, 2017 - Fifty Shades of Grey

The Fifty Shades of Grey press debate was widely billed a disaster, a accord being that Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson have 0 chemistry. “Double Crap: Fifty Shades of Grey Stars Can’t Fucking Stand Each Other,” read one title on Jezebel; “15 Inanimate Objects With More Chemistry Than Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson,” read another on New York Magazine‘s The Cut. (Objects enclosed dual slabs of slab and a span of murky cleats.) The press debate was ungainly and strained, and both actors seemed like they’d rather be corn in feces than a stars of an SM blockbuster — but, actually, we consider there was a hint between them. It usually wasn’t a hint of joy.

Press tours are prolonged and tedious, and actors are mostly asked a same predicted questions over and over. (To be fair, anyone who has interviewed a luminary has had to, on occasion, ask an apparent question. Don’t hatred a player, hatred a game.) What seemed to connect Dakota and Jamie was their mutual contempt for that partial of a job. Allow an example.

Here’s what their faces looked like when Natalie Morales started in with a sex question on a Today show in Jul 2014:

At this point, all Morales has pronounced is, “Obviously a film has, we imagine, a lot of sex” — though it’s adequate to fill a actors with dread. She keeps articulate since she has a pursuit to do, and now here are a actors’ faces when she’s about median by her doubt (as a order of thumb, a longer it takes to ask a question, a some-more ungainly a interview):

Finally, Morales lands a point: “How are we guys means to kind of get in a moment?” And now demeanour during them:

Tell me these aren’t a faces of people who’ve gotten whiskey-drunk together and marveled during a irrationality of humanity. A miss of chemistry would be Dakota responding to this doubt or any others enthusiastically while Jamie responds scornfully, or clamp versa. (Think: Anne Hathaway and James Franco hosting a Oscars from opposite planets.) But they are on a same page; it usually happens to be a page that creates everybody else uneasy.

Take this this Jan 2015 Glamour interview as another example. Do we make this face during someone we hate?

No offense to a lady in a iPad, though a fun is substantially on her. (Another fun gob about this video is that, about 58 seconds in, they quietly announce Donald Trump a submissive.)

In a past dual years, press tours have gotten increasingly weird and tense opposite a board, with talk walkouts and actor-reporter confrontations apropos a unchanging occurrence (slash, viral opportunity). Even Passengers co-stars Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt recently ended a radio interview after being asked a sex question, and they are differently a arrange of stars who act stupid as needed.

Still, there’s a pervasive vigour from fans and studios for co-stars to act like they are present BFFs, usually a garland of goofballs who tell any other fart jokes between takes. Why? How is that a clarification of chemistry? Who cares if actors have fun on set? They survived creation a film together — in a box of Jamie and Dakota, a flattering life-changing film — either they favourite any other or not. Isn’t an authentic countenance of their attribute some-more engaging than a dog-and-pony show?

With a Fifty Shades Darker press debate on us, one can usually wish a stars are as capricious and dry-humored as ever, and that they haven’t been media-trained over correct to act like #SquadGoals. It’d also be good for Jamie and Dakota not to be asked “What’s it like to fire a sex scene?” or, “Have we review a books?” for a millionth time in a initial place, so they don’t feel so worried out of a gate. They’re actors, after all, not masochists.

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