Listen to Ellie Goulding’s Sultry New Fifty Shades of Grey Song

January 7, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

We’re removing closer and closer to a Valentine’s Day recover of a Fifty Shades of Grey movie, though to waves everybody over, here’s a glance during one of a songs you’ll hear during a film. It’s a new lane by Ellie Goulding called “Love Me Like You Do” and, as we can substantially imagine, it’s flattering sexy.

“You’re a heal / you’re a pain / you’re a usually thing we wish to touch,” Goulding sings in a opening verse, after belting, “Love me like we do / adore me like we do / adore me like we do / adore me like we do / hold me like we do / what are we watchful for?” in a chorus. So yeah.

She also sings some some things like “I’ll let we set a pace, ’cause I’m not meditative straight” that feels flattering Fifty Shades-esque too.

Overall, a soundtrack is moulding adult to be flattering good so far, with a moist grant from The Weeknd and a sensual chronicle of “Crazy In Love” from Beyoncé. It’s not uncanny if we wish to see this film quite for a soundtrack, right?

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