London Fire Brigade emanate WARNING over Fifty Shades of Grey sex games

February 24, 2017 - Fifty Shades of Grey

“I’d like to remind everybody that 999 is an puncture series and should usually used as such. If there’s a genuine emergency, glow crews will of march attend and will be on a stage to assistance within minutes.”

People removing into a jam with rings, bracelets and watches are a common occurrence, whole firefighters are also frequently called to support people and children with their fingers trapped in electrical equipment like soaking machines, sewing machines and heaters.

The many common form of call out for this form of occurrence is to people with rings stranded on their fingers.

“Our recommendation is simple,” Dave Brown continued: “Of a ring doesn’t fit, don’t force it on.

“As good as being painful, we could finish adult wasting puncture use time if we have to call us out.”

Recently a lady suggested how she was forced to call an ambulance after an initimate night with her beloved finished adult in disaster.

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