MauiTime talks story with Male Burlesque Dancer Tony Valentine about his Girls Night Out show

August 29, 2017 - Fifty Shades of Grey

If you’ve seen Magic Mike, afterwards we have a good thought of what kind of fun a ladies will have during Tony Valentine’s Girls Night Out eventuality (Wednesday, Sept. 6 during a Iao Theater). The judgment of putting delicious masculine mime dancers onstage started in Los Angeles in 1978 with a opening of Chippendale’s. That led to an general materialisation with several eccentric furloughed shows around a globe.

Now, former Chippendale’s dancer Tony Valentine is featuring a new uncover here on Maui, so we held adult with him between dancing gigs opposite a continent to find out a assembly should expect.

MAUITIME: What do we have in store for a ladies this year?

TONY VALENTINE: An memorable dusk of fun, excitement, passion, romance, with a small Fifty Shades Of Sex, since we devise on entrance behind subsequent year!

MT: What creates your uncover singular from other masculine mime acts?

TV: My dancers provide a women like queens. They adore giving them a uncover they wish to see and remember for a lifetime.

MT: So what does Chippendales mean, for those who aren’t familiar?

TV: Fun fact: Chippendales indeed refers to 16th century English-made furniture. It was a seat in a strange club. Chippendales initial started in 1978 in Los Angeles California on Overland Avenue. The second bar non-stop in New York City on 61st 1st Ave and it was called Club Misuse.

MT: How does Magic Mike play a partial in your show?

TV: Channing Tatum did an particular solo act in a movie. We do a same series with all 5 guys called “The Grinder.” With both Magic Mike movies, Fifty Shades Of Grey and Fifty Shades Darker, women wish a disturb that they’ve seen on a large shade and review about. We move that to life when we give them a communication with a group on stage. They can indeed be right in a center, removing all a attention, not only sitting during home daydreaming about a fad it can move to their lives. It’s Disney World for women! It’s their time to let a hair down, get out, get crazy for one night of a year.

MT:Do we dance in your show?

TV: Of march we do!

MT: Will we get any giveaway time to play while you’re on Maui?

TV: We did a uncover during a Iao Theater dual years ago and we sole out. We had a blast merrymaking with a ladies all night. This year again, after a show, there will be a Meet Greet after-party during Bistro Casanova and we’ll celebration all night again. This is a play time, giving a pleasing women of Maui a uncover of a lifetime only like we did dual years ago.

MT:Where are we headed next?

TV: Molokai and Oahu.

MT: Lucky ladies of Molokai! Where has your uncover toured before entrance to Hawaii?

TV: We perform all over a US, as good as Europe, Asia, all over South America, as good as journey ships.

MT: How many dancers are in a uncover and where are we from?

TV: There are 6 dancers and they’re from around a country. We have dancers from Las Vegas, Nevada, New York City, Cincinnati, Dallas, Miami and Chicago.

MT: How do we sight to be a masculine dancer? What recommendation would we give to determined masculine dancers on Maui?

TV: We get a training hands-on! Lots of knowledge as we perform over 200 shows a year. For determined dancers, we have to stay in a gym. Stay adult to date with song and new dance moves. Ask your business what they wish and like.


Tony Valentine’s “Girls Night Out”

Wednesday, Sept. 6

Iao Theater

68 N. Market St., Wailuku

Doors open during 6pm; Show starts during 7:30pm

For tickets call 808-242-6969 or go to

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