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March 29, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

As my mother and we sat in a film museum watchful for “Fifty Shades of Grey” to begin, she squeezed my palm and said:

“Are we excited?”

“I’m going to be open-minded,” we replied.

“Careful,” she teased, “or your smarts competence tumble out.”

If usually they had. Then my conduct would have been as unfilled as this movie.

To be clear, we am no prude when it comes to sex or nudity.

As partial of a wasted youth, we visited many theaters estimable of a trench-coat throng and have seen some flattering far-out stuff, intimately speaking.

What goes on between dual consenting adults? Get your weird on, folks.

Clown make-up, scuba suits, drizzling candle wax: Whatever curls your toes, have during it.

But this film did roughly a impossible: It done sex scenes that were antiseptic, pompous and definitely lacking in heat.

In sum, it done for tedious boning.

Christian Grey creates Anastasia Steele go by what amounts to some eccentric “Simon Says” exercises. (The disproportion being that when she unsuccessful to follow a specific instructions, she got spanked.)

But there was 0 hint or chemistry between a lead characters. It was like they were behaving in dual opposite movies, any shot alone opposite a blue shade and afterwards spliced together.

My problems with a film ranged from exasperation (ridiculous over-the-top product placements for Apple) to dishonesty (Anastasia is a modern-day college comparison and she is regulating a flip-phone, and she’s a virgin?) to exasperating (she is ostensible to be descending in adore with this creepy equivocal stalker-abuser yet she seems mostly worried in his company).

But many of all, we found “Fifty” demeaning to women to a indicate that it done my blood boil.

Anastasia is on a fork of graduating college yet she appears not to have a mind dungeon in her conduct and is embellished as a sum dolt, following Christian around like some untimely puppy.

Add to that a paddling stage that looks some-more like a infamous violence by an violent associate or beloved and a sex stage adjacent on rape.

It felt like dual hours and 5 mins of “torture porn” masquerading as mainstream movie-making.

At one point, Christian says: “I don’t make love…I — . Hard.”

I *get* unwashed talk, and I’m all for it, yet in a context of this movie, it sounded silly, during best, and like an forgive for enchanting in misogyny during worst.

My mother and we debated a captivate of “Fifty” to women, who done adult scarcely two-thirds of a ticket-buyers in a movie’s opening weekend.

I don’t know it, yet there is no denying that actor Jamie Dornan is a hunka-hunk of blazing love.

What we do know is that, as a male who is big about sex and who likes a prohibited depiction of it as most as a subsequent guy, we found this film spiritless and insulting.

There is a stage in that Christian says: “I’m 50 shades of — up.”

Yep. So is this movie.

Do yourself a preference and only contend “Laters, baby” to “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Christopher Mele is married and a unapproachable father of dual sons and dual adult stepchildren, all of whom have given him betimes white hair. His childhood in a Bronx tangible his friendships, that continue currently and for that he is grateful. A career newsman, author and editor, a Lords Valley proprietor is blissful for a event to share stories and insights about a hurdles that a modern-day prime man faces in a world.

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