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February 21, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

UPDATE, SATURDAY 3 AM: Fifty Shades of Grey is approaching to come in during a reduce finish of expectations this weekend with $25.1M, a 71% freefall from a $85.1 FSS a week ago per attention estimates tonight. By Sunday, Fifty Shades’ domestic B.O. should land during $132.5M. Despite a drop, Fifty is still clever adequate to whip three new far-reaching entries: CBS/Lionsgate’s The Duff and Disney’s McFarland U.S.A., neck-and-neck for fifth place this weekend with usually over $11M each, and Paramount/MGM’s Hot Tub Time Machine 2, with a tepid $2.5M Friday and an approaching $7M FSS in seventh place. Audiences loved McFarland U.S.A. and The Duff, respectively awarding them A and A- CinemaScores, while ticketbuyers were cold on Hot Tub 2, giving it a C-.

fifty shades 19Fifty‘s Friday should come in a tad reduce than what was approaching during noon with $8.4M, 72% next a $30.28M opening day a week ago. Two army are contributing to Fifty’s collapse in its sophomore frame. First, a infancy of women who were going to see it,  saw it (and  guys aren’t interested). Second, Fifty has bad word of mouth, demonstrative in its C+ CinemaScore final weekend. As one selling executive projected final weekend, “As distant as a longevity and playability of Fifty Shades of Grey as a aged observant goes, ‘Don’t mount underneath this thing!’ There was a built-in assembly for this film with a romantic desire, and they had to see a film and be partial of a review during a initial weekend. But afterwards a rest of a review is ‘Yeesh‘ that immediately shuts off a water-cooler discussion. It’s not a film like Gone Girl, which had a outrageous spin and kept pulling in audiences.”

After opening to $37.5M with a B CinemaScore, Gone Girl, which was also formed on renouned bestselling femme novel, posted an extraordinary 4.5x (domestic B.O. is $167.8M). The David Fincher film benefited by personification both to males (40%) and females (60%), contra Fifty, which is mostly tangible by a womanlike followers  (82%). Most female-demo films, such as 2008’s Sex and a City, are front installed during their initial weekend and post high drops during their second (-63% for a Michael Patrick King movie). However, Sex and a City earned an A CinemaScore, that worked wonders for a word of mouth following a $57M, agreeable a nearby 2.7 mixed ($152.6M) in a final domestic tally. The accord is that Fifty Shades will onslaught to strech a 2x mixed of a $85.1M opening.

Does any of it matter to Universal? All this nitpicking, frankly, is moot: Fifty Shades is already in a black, with a tellurian cume of $316M as of Thursday off a estimated $40M prolongation budget. It’s all gravy from here on out—even if those difference of mouth are of a four-letter kind.

The tip 10 per Friday late night attention estimates:

1). Fifty Shades of Grey (UNI/Focus), 3,655 theaters (+9) / $8.4M Fri. (-72%)/ 3-Day: $25.1M (-71%)/Total Cume: $132.5M/ Wk 2

2). Kingsman: The Secret Service  (FOX), 3,266 theaters (+62) / $5.16M Fri. (-50%)/ 3-Day: $16.1M (-54%)/ Total Cume: $66M/ Wk 2

3). The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water (PAR), 3,680 theaters (+26)  / $3.85M Fri. (-40%)/ 3-Day: $16.3M (-48%)/Total Cume: $125.2M/ Wk 3

4). The Duff (CBS/LGF), 2,575 theaters  / $4.1M Fri.*/ 3-Day: $11.2M/Wk 1

5). McFarland USA (DIS), 2,755 theaters  / $3.6M Fri. / 3-Day: $11.1M/ Wk 1

6). American Sniper (WB), 3,235 theaters (-201)/ $2.6M Fri. (-30%) /3-Day: $9M (-45%)/ Total cume: $318.2M/ Wk 9

7). Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (PAR), 2,880 theaters  / $2.5M Fri.*/ 3-Day: $7M/Wk 1

8). Jupiter Ascending (WB), 2,503 theaters (-678) / $1.08M Fri. (-46%) / 3-Day: $3.67M (-60%)/Total Cume: $39.5M/ Wk 3

9). Paddington (TWC), 1,837 theaters (-407) / $622K Fri. (-23%) / 3-Day: $2.7M (-32%) /Total cume: $68.1M /Wk 6

10). The Imitation Game (TWC), 1,408 theaters (-143) / $701K Fri. (-13%) / 3-Day: $2.5M (-27%)/ Total cume: $83.8M / Wk 13

*includes Thursday night previews

20th Century Fox’s Kingsman: The Secret Service is holding on to second in a second go-round with $5.16M on Friday and an estimated $16.1M for a weekend, off 54%.  By a finish of Sunday, Kingsman is estimated to have a $66M 10-day domestic B.O.

Paramount is faring improved with The SpongeBob Movie than Hot Tub 2.  The family underline toon done an estimated $3.85M in a third Friday and looks to possess No. 3 with $16.3M and a domestic B.O. of $125.2M by Sunday.

The Duff Ticket sales for The Duff, based on a renouned teen novel by Kody Keplinger, have mostly been powered by a amicable media footprint. Per RelishMix, Duff has been tracking during 559K viewers a day opposite YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, that is twice than McFarland U.S.A.‘s trade and 9x some-more than Hot Tub 2. Duff star Bella Thorne has aggressively tweeted to her 5.8M followers, with comedian Ken Jeong in second with his 1M followers. The film’s top 10 YouTube videos have all started spiking in a final 24-hours adult to 13M views off of hide peeks, while a Facebook has grown 58% over a final 2 weeks adult to 245k page likes including a promo for a Snapchat takeover with actor Robbie Amell. Critics aren’t hurting The Duff either with a good 61% uninformed Tomatometer score. Industry estimates peg Duff‘s Friday during $4.1M with $400K from Thursday previews rolled in.  Below is Thorne’s latest hand to fans:

mcfarland usaMcFarland U.S.A., which is formed on a true-story of Hispanic high propagandize students in a bad California plantation city combining a champion cross-country team, is an inspirational sports play that jives with a Disney family brand. Estimated prolongation cost is $25M. The studio has promoted a film heavily to a faith-based as good as Latino audiences. They’ve also intent a using communities during high schools opposite a nation in an bid to strech group underneath 25.  It is a usually live-action PG film in a tip 10, and it is serve bolstered this weekend by carrying a best reviews out of a 3 new titles with 78% uninformed on a Tomatometer. Friday’s take is approaching to be $3.6M.

The late night party-hardy crowds did not uncover adult to Hot Tub 2 as expected. That was a box with a initial film in Mar 2010, that saw a swell in trade after 7pm showtimes. Hot Tub 2‘s estimated Friday compartment of $2.5M (including $366K Thursday previews) is 48% reduction than a initial Friday of Hot Tub 1 ($4.85M), and a sequel’s FSS looks to be 50% reduction than a $14M opening racked adult by a initial installment. Hot Tub 1 benefited from carrying John Cusack on a marquee.

Clark Duke, Rob Corddry and Craig Robinson during a Bacchus Mardi Gras Parade 2015 that had a theme, 'Children's Stories That Live Forever,' in New OrleansMarketing for Hot Tub 2 included a New York City attempt during the NBA All- Star weekend with a wrapped bus, travel teams and a mobile execution in Times Square. Crowds in Times Square were means to asperse a expel of Hot Tub 2 who were derisive congregation from digital screens.  Street teams for a film also strike Mardi Gras, where stars Craig Robinson, Rob Corddry and Clark Duke rode in a Krewe of Bacchus march (the contingent also paraded during Mardi Gras 2010 in tie with a initial film).

Hot Tub 2‘s social media enclosed a partnership with Woven, one of a largest collegiate masculine networks opposite a web.  Fans submitted their wildest celebration pics for a probability to reason an eventuality on their campus and mangle a Guinness Book of World Record for a many people prohibited tubbing in a singular venue. There was a weekly red rope partnership with (where Corddry done a penis-cam video) (One source questioned either a amicable media partnership worked, as a couple to a film’s Tumbler red rope trailer usually purebred views of approximately 3,500).  Parody spots surrounded a pre-Superbowl liaison #DeflateGate. Other viral videos addressed Jon Stewart’s depart from The Daily Show and his probable replacement (in an illusory Jessica Williams shave from a film. The comedienne fast denied on Sunday she was not holding over a table on Twitter. See a Hot Tub 2 clip below.

Best Picture nominees:

Birdman (FSL) 407 theaters (-74)/ $223K Fri. (+10%)/ 3-day cume: $859K (0%)/Total cume: $37.7M/Wk 19

Whiplash (SPC) 440 theaters (-75)/$207K Fri. (+40%)/3-day cume: $767K (+30%)/Total cume: $11.5M/Wk 20

Selma (Par), 412 theaters (-154) / $199K Fri. (-29%)/ 3-Day: $647K (-36%)/Total cume: $49.5M / Wk 9

The Theory of Everything (FOC), 545 theaters (+79)/ $158K Fri. (-5%)/3-day cume: $608K (-18%)/Total cume: $34.1M / Wk 16

Limited releases:

Asterix: The Mansion (MON), 74 theaters  / $74K Fri./ 3-Day: $281K/Wk 1

Triumph in The Skies (ASIA), 11 theaters  / $50K Fri./ 3-Day: $147K/PSA: $13,352/Wk 1

Wild Tales (SPC), 4 theaters  / $20K Fri./ 3-Day: $63K/PSA: $15,800/Wk 1

PREVIOUS, FRIDAY 1 PM: Per noon attention estimates, Universal Focus’ Fifty Shades Of Grey is display a Friday of $8.5M and a three-day that is between $24.9M-$30M, that would symbol a 65-71% dump from a $85M bow. That’s what many insiders have been awaiting all along, Image (2) hottub2__131217235251-275x174.png for post 674997not usually given of a C+ CinemaScore, rather a series of female-demo films like Twilight and Sex And The City tended to pull a bulk of their supporters on opening weekend, afterwards slip from there. 20th Century Fox’s The Kingsman looks to dump 50% in a weekend and Friday for a No. 2 symbol tonight of $5M-$5.2M  and a FSS of $18M.

Paramount’s The SpongeBob Movie will approaching arrange sixth tonight in a low $3M, though many are awaiting it to quarrel a approach adult to No. 3 for a weekend with $16M-$16.5M, maybe even to a No. 2 slot. Warner Bros’ American Sniper is plan to about $11.5M. All of a new entries are in a quarrel with midst $3M grosses now and grosses of $8.5M-$10M, still too tighten to call. Currently, Disney’s McFarland U.S.A. and CBS’ The Duff are in an engaging footrace with $3.6M-$3.7M for today. Paramount/MGM’s Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is behind them with $3.5M, however, that figure is approaching  to spike as this R-rated comedy’s income isn’t in matinees, but evening shows. Says one source about a approaching celebration throng who’ll spin adult by dusk, “A film like Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is best enjoyed in a opposite state of mind.”

UPDATE, FRIDAY 11:54 AM: Paramount/MGM’s Hot Tub Time Machine 2 posted $366K final night during 2,052 locations. The R-rated comedy, a initial in a marketplace given final month’s The Wedding Ringer, stars Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson and Adam Scott in a supplement to a 2010 MGM comedy that bent to $14M and finaled during $50.3M stateside. Hot Tub 2 is now projected to acquire $11M-$13M.  The pic carries an estimated prolongation cost of $14M, 61% reduce than a original.

PREVIOUS, WEDNESDAY 12:51 PM: Universal/Focus Features’ Fifty Shades Of Grey will continue to regulate over a tip box bureau symbol this weekend, with sources revelation Deadline that a film should post an estimated 60%-70% three-day decrease from a $85.17M opening for a sophomore take of $26M-$34M. fifty shades 2After creation $5.5M yesterday, a EL James instrumentation is good to cranky a century symbol during a domestic B.O. today.

Insiders’ estimates about a high dump for Fifty Shades not usually are being subsequent from a C+ CinemaScore, though also a inlet of femme-fueled populist transport — review both Sex And The City and Twilight posted second-weekend declines of 62%, indicating that sheet sales were front-loaded. But B.O. statistical chronological comps aside, Fifty Shades did warn in overperforming a initial guess of $60M final weekend by 40%; and some consider there’s that probability it could challenge box bureau contingency again.

20th Century Fox’s R-rated Colin Firth movement film Kingsman: The Secret Service should post a 50% decrease from a FSS opening of $36.2M, bringing in $18M for a No. 2 spot, giving it a corner over 3 newcomers: Paramount/MGM’s Hot Tub Time Machine 2, Walt Disney’s McFarland U.S.A. and CBS/Lionsgate’s The DUFF.  The cume to date for Kingsman stands during $45M. All three titles are counterprogramming in a arise of Fifty Shades Of Greycapitalizing on demos who won’t see a Universal/Focus Features film, or in a box of DUFF, may already have (specifically comparison girls nearby 18 years of age).

hot cylinder 2Out a 3 far-reaching entries, Hot Tub 2 has a corner to perform a best with a projected weekend take in a low-teen millions to $15M during an estimated 2,880 theaters. Thursday previews flog off during 7 PM. The R-rated film, a supplement to a 2010 cult fave that done $56.2M during a domestic B.O. ($64.6M worldwide) off a $36M budget, is looking to offshoot guys 18-35. Hot Tub 2 advantages as being a initial ribald comedy during a B.O. given Sony Screen Gems’ The Wedding Ringer ($60.3M)It faces foe from 20th Century Fox’s R-rated Vince Vaughn comedy Unfinished Business next weekend.

mcfarlandDisney’s Kevin Costner sports drama McFarland, USA that follows a high propagandize cross-country group from a low income village in executive California overcoming good contingency in 1987 is approaching to record $7M-$9M per attention sources. The film premiered in Bakersfield, CA final Sunday and sealed out a Santa Barbara Film Festival. One selling eventuality preceding a film’s launch included Disney and non-profit org KaBOOM! fasten together to build a mint stadium in McFarland, CA in reduction than 8 hours, desirous by kid-designed drawings.

the duffCBS-Lionsgate’s The DUFF is a underline instrumentation of Kody Keplinger’s about a high propagandize lady who contends with being a DUFF to dual beautiful BFs — DUFF being a “Designated Ugly Fat Friend.” The story possess a Fast Times At Ridgemont High vibe, reflecting a stream youth epoch of cyber-bulling, while casting a light on immature teen girls’ insecurities. It stars Mae Whitman of Arrested Development and Parenthood fame. It was done for an estimated $8.5M by CBS Films and it’s looking to make a bill behind this week with a high-single-digit opening of $7M-9M, potentially emulating a arena of CBS’ 2011 teen drama Beastly which non-stop during $9.85M and finished a stateside cume during $27.9M.

Sunday’s Academy Awards rite telecast isn’t approaching to make a hole in terms of sidelining business. Given that a festivities are in a evening, it leaves a vast apportionment of a weekend for moviegoing. Further explanation that a Oscarcast doesn’t delayed down turnstiles: The biggest openers of all-time over Oscar weekend are Disney’s Alice In Wonderland, which done $116.1M during a weekend of Mar 5-7, 2010, and Newmarket’s Passion Of The Christ, which grossed $83.8M over a FSS of Feb 27-29, 2004.

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