Mr. Grey To Slow His Whipping At The Weekend B.O.: Friday Afternoon Estimates

February 20, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

UPDATE, FRIDAY 1 PM: Per noon attention estimates, Universal’s Fifty Shades Of Grey is display a Friday of $8.5M and a three-day that is between $24.9M-$30M, that would symbol a 65-71% dump from a $85M bow. That’s what many insiders have been awaiting all along, Image (2) hottub2__131217235251-275x174.png for post 674997not so most given of a C+ CinemaScore, rather a series of female-demo films like Twilight and Sex And The City tended to pull a bulk of their supporters on opening weekend, afterwards slip from there. 20th Century Fox’s The Kingsman looks to dump 50% in a weekend and Friday for a No. 2 symbol tonight of $5M-$5.2M  and a FSS of $18M.

Paramount’s The SpongeBob Movie will approaching arrange sixth tonight in a low $3M, though many are awaiting it to quarrel a approach adult to No. 3 for a weekend with $16M-$16.5M, maybe even to a No. 2 slot. Warner Bros’ American Sniper is plan to about $11.5M. All of a new entries are in a quarrel with midst $3M grosses now and grosses of $8.5M-$10M, still too tighten to call. Currently, Disney’s McFarland U.S.A. and CBS’ The Duff are in an engaging footrace with $3.6M-$3.7M for today. Paramount/MGM’s Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is behind them with $3.5M, however, that figure is approaching  to spike as this R-rated comedy’s income isn’t in matinees, but evening shows. Says one source about a approaching celebration throng who’ll spin adult by dusk, “A film like Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is best enjoyed in a opposite state of mind.”

UPDATE, FRIDAY 11:54 AM: Paramount/MGM’s Hot Tub Time Machine 2 posted $366K final night during 2,052 locations. The R-rated comedy, a initial in a marketplace given final month’s The Wedding Ringer, stars Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson and Adam Scott in a supplement to a 2010 MGM comedy that bent to $14M and finaled during $50.3M stateside. Hot Tub 2 is now projected to acquire $11M-$13M.  The pic carries an estimated prolongation cost of $14M, 61% reduce than a original.

PREVIOUS, WEDNESDAY 12:51 PM: Universal/Focus Features’ Fifty Shades Of Grey will continue to regulate over a tip box bureau symbol this weekend, with sources revelation Deadline that a film should post an estimated 60%-70% three-day decrease from a $85.17M opening for a sophomore take of $26M-$34M. fifty shades 2After creation $5.5M yesterday, a EL James instrumentation is good to cranky a century symbol during a domestic B.O. today.

Insiders’ estimates about a high dump for Fifty Shades not usually are being subsequent from a C+ CinemaScore, though also a inlet of femme-fueled populist transport — review both Sex And The City and Twilight posted second-weekend declines of 62%, indicating that sheet sales were front-loaded. But B.O. statistical chronological comps aside, Fifty Shades did warn in overperforming a initial guess of $60M final weekend by 40%; and some consider there’s that probability it could challenge box bureau contingency again.

20th Century Fox’s R-rated Colin Firth movement film Kingsman: The Secret Service should post a 50% decrease from a FSS opening of $36.2M, bringing in $18M for a No. 2 spot, giving it a corner over 3 newcomers: Paramount/MGM’s Hot Tub Time Machine 2, Walt Disney’s McFarland U.S.A. and CBS/Lionsgate’s The DUFF.  The cume to date for Kingsman stands during $45M. All three titles are counterprogramming in a arise of Fifty Shades Of Greycapitalizing on demos who won’t see a Universal/Focus Features film, or in a box of DUFF, may already have (specifically comparison girls nearby 18 years of age).

hot cylinder 2Out a 3 far-reaching entries, Hot Tub 2 has a corner to perform a best with a projected weekend take in a low-teen millions to $15M during an estimated 2,880 theaters. Thursday previews flog off during 7 PM. The R-rated film, a supplement to a 2010 cult fave that done $56.2M during a domestic B.O. ($64.6M worldwide) off a $36M budget, is looking to offshoot guys 18-35. Hot Tub 2 advantages as being a initial ribald comedy during a B.O. given Sony Screen Gems’ The Wedding Ringer ($60.3M)It faces foe from 20th Century Fox’s R-rated Vince Vaughn comedy Unfinished Business next weekend.

mcfarlandDisney’s Kevin Costner sports drama McFarland, USA that follows a high propagandize cross-country group from a low income village in executive California overcoming good contingency in 1987 is approaching to record $7M-$9M per attention sources. The film premiered in Bakersfield, CA final Sunday and sealed out a Santa Barbara Film Festival. One selling eventuality preceding a film’s launch included Disney and non-profit org KaBOOM! fasten together to build a mint stadium in McFarland, CA in reduction than 8 hours, desirous by kid-designed drawings.

the duffCBS-Lionsgate’s The DUFF is a underline instrumentation of Kody Keplinger’s about a high propagandize lady who contends with being a DUFF to dual beautiful BFs — DUFF being a “Designated Ugly Fat Friend.” The story possess a Fast Times At Ridgemont High vibe, reflecting a stream youth epoch of cyber-bulling, while casting a light on immature teen girls’ insecurities. It stars Mae Whitman of Arrested Development and Parenthood fame. It was done for an estimated $8.5M by CBS Films and it’s looking to make a bill behind this week with a high-single-digit opening of $7M-9M, potentially emulating a arena of CBS’ 2011 teen drama Beastly which non-stop during $9.85M and finished a stateside cume during $27.9M.

Sunday’s Academy Awards rite telecast isn’t approaching to make a hole in terms of sidelining business. Given that a festivities are in a evening, it leaves a vast apportionment of a weekend for moviegoing. Further explanation that a Oscarcast doesn’t delayed down turnstiles: The biggest openers of all-time over Oscar weekend are Disney’s Alice In Wonderland, which done $116.1M during a weekend of Mar 5-7, 2010, and Newmarket’s Passion Of The Christ, which grossed $83.8M over a FSS of Feb 27-29, 2004.

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