My Husband and we Watched Fifty Shades of Grey for a First Time – Together. Here’s What Happened.

January 12, 2017 - Fifty Shades of Grey

L: Yeah and we forget about that whole psychological woe nonsense. The second Ana cries on a phone with her mom should be a pointer we need to know she isn’t cut out for a sex worker life.

(Ana and Christian enter a Red Room … again)

P: Isn’t there a red room in Jane Eyre? This film has a lot in common with Jane Eyre.

L: I’d like this film some-more if there was reduction proposal amatory and some-more dominance.

P: This actor’s vibe is some-more Madonna backup dancer than James Bond widespread superman

L: I never suspicion about all a scars you’d get on your ass. Deal breaker.

P: No, don’t whip her boobs — oh appreciate God (gasps).

L: His pubic hair peep is hot. we mean, they demeanour like they’re having sex infrequently so that’s good. But a scenes in between are a genuine torture. Like this foolish dance stage and all involving his piano.

(Ana meets Christian’s family and gets dissapoint with him outward since they can’t have a genuine relationship. Then he shows adult to accommodate Ana in Georgia.)

P: I haven’t accepted her motivations any step of a way. Why wouldn’t she only opt to have a normal attribute if that’s what she wants? It feels like there’s a method of events that constantly goes from booze to a automobile to a tiny craft to fucking to some-more wine. There’s no reason for this method with nonetheless another aeroplane float to take place in a movie. It’s clearly only to kill time.

L: And Ana’s mom is giving her a misfortune advice. She wishes she could tell her things get easier yet they don’t — no, mom, your daughter has famous this psycho for 3 weeks! If it isn’t easy now, RUN.

(Ana and Christian’s final time in a Red Room, after she tells him to do what he unequivocally wants to do to her.)

L: Oh God, delayed suit beating. Cheesy. She’s so romantic about this whole arrangement. Just don’t do it. Leave him alone about it already. Also, this is a teenager gripe, yet since is she never bleeding? He is defeat her savagely, nonetheless no blood. And since is she so repelled he wants to kick her when he told her he wants to kick her? When he asked her to pointer a agreement that says he wants to kick her?

P: This whole film creates no clarity since she knew what he was about. Maybe it’s time to leave, has she deliberate that?

L: And now you’re only creation him feel shitty for his fetish. That’s not cool. These dual are stupidly incompatible.

“You have to remember that some lady wish to get spanked yet not each lady wants to be fucked by hulk objects.”

P: She’s withdrawal him.

L: Nah, she’ll fake she’s leaving.

P: No, she’s withdrawal and in a supplement they’ll get behind together. That will be a large cliffhanger.

L: I kind of feel bad for him.

P: You shouldn’t — he injures women.

L: Yeah, yet he’s honest about it.

P: But it’s tough for we to know how most pain he’ll inflict until he’s done.

L: But he’s got a red room filled with whips — apparently it’s going to be painful.

P: Nah, we disagree.

(Movie ends)

P: You owe me your life for creation me lay by that.

L: we like that one strain by The Weeknd, though. Good song.

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