Naked Gun Meets Fifty Shades of Grey in a Perfect Mashup

April 2, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Even a month and a half after a full-length film’s release, Fifty Shades of Grey‘s Beyonce-powered trailer continues to enthuse a Internet’s savviest comedic minds. By gripping stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan opening hermetic in their particular corners, a titillating trailer is tailor-made for re-editing, mashup artists simply swapping out a brooding Christian Grey for… well, whomever. In a above case, it’s Leslie Nielsen’s Naked Gun character Detective Frank Drebin, utterly presumably a slightest voluptuous tellurian on a planet. A satire of a near-parody starring one of parody’s biggest characters might sound dangerous, fear not: Fifty Shades of Drebin is sublime.

Seriously, a above video is adult there with a recut Shining and Brokeback to a Future. Soak adult a sorcery and suppose a underline length version.

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