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April 14, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Schmidt! New Girl’s Max Greenfield is famous for his comedy antics as a fan-favorite and proprietor loft goofball, Schmidt. But could there be a sexier side to him?

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“Are there any vital blockbusters that I’d wish to join? You know, I’m only looking to get into that Fifty Shades of Grey,” Greenfield, 34, joked with Us Weekly, while compelling his new partnership with home-buying site Trulia. “Maybe we could be a 51st Shade? we don’t know, that’s unequivocally a pierce I’m looking to make.”

Max Greenfield and Jamie Dornan

The actor has already played voluptuous roles in a past. What, we don’t remember his spin as a immature Sandy Cohen on The O.C.

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“The feverishness that we gave off from a immature Sandy Cohen is a kind of feverishness that we would move to a 51st Shade of Grey,” Greenfield pronounced with a grin. 

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Perhaps some of this buzzed-about “heat” will be practical to a dear Schmidt/Cece (Hannah Simone) romance, as New Girl approaches a deteriorate 4 finale. With a tragedy between a exes building, Greenfield teased some arriving sparks between a two. 

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“You gotta watch a rest of a season,” he coyly said. “There are some large moments during a end. In a culmination there’s a large Cece and Schmidt moment. we can tell we this, there’s no cliffhanger. The highway keeps on going.”

Max Greenfield on New Girl

And yet Schmidt and Jess (Zooey Deschanel) roughly had a brief fling, Greenfield positive fans that there won’t be any ungainly hookups in a loftmates’ future. 

“I don’t consider Jess and Schmidt are going to have a critical hurl for apparent reason that Nick, his best friend, antiquated her for so long,” he explained. “[Schmidt] is in this turn with Cece, and we only consider it’s too incestuous. we consider there’s always a spark of wish for Nick and Jess.”

Shooting for deteriorate 5 has started progressing due to star Deschanel’s initial pregnancy, that will not be created into a show.  

“There’s a unequivocally a baby in Zooey’s stomach,” her costar joked. “That’s happening. The pregnancy is not created on a show. There’s a lot of close-up [shots] and books and bags in front of her stomach. It’s cold to burst right into a subsequent season, only since we’re all still in it and a stories are still so fresh.” 

Max Greenfield partnered with Trulia to make a home renting and shopping routine easier.

After “living” with a pals in a loft on New Girl for 4 seasons, Greenfield found it healthy to partner adult with Trulia — a home let and sale site — to assistance business find their subsequent pad. 

“I’ve had such a good knowledge shopping homes in a past,” Greenfield explained. “Trulia is such a good finish to make shopping a home or renting a home so most easier and fun for anybody who’s in a situation. It only seemed like a unequivocally good pairing.” 

Tell Us: Do we consider Schmidt and Cece should finish adult together on New Girl?

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