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March 30, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey


I had a event to ask Nicholas Sparks one doubt yesterday during a press trip for arriving film The Longest Ride in NYC yesterday. Naturally, we had to know either a undisputed intrigue novel aristocrat is a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey. His greeting was zero brief of incredible. “I have review a novel,” Sparks began. “I did not see a film.” [Long pause, eye roll.] “Ummmm. Am we a fan? What we would contend is that I’m really gentle essay what we write.”

Cue overpower via a room and a “OH SNAP” cheering inside everyone’s minds. Thankfully The Longest Ride star Britt Robertson pennyless a silence. “Oh, I’ve gotta know more. C’mon!” she said, attempting to examine additional thoughts out of a author. But there he sat, refusing to serve criticism on a book to film instrumentation he deems undeserved of his time. His approach of rejecting Fifty Shades was diplomatic, poetic, and all we would design from a intrigue novelist. Bravo, sir.

Although Sparks is not be a fan of a raunchy franchise, it might have influenced him and The Longest Ride group only a little bit. (You see Scott Eastwood‘s butt in a movie.) “I consider when we shot that [Scott] substantially didn’t know we were sharpened it,” director George Tillman, Jr. said. “We felt that many cinema like this, many of a time when we see nakedness or some nudity, we see a woman. And we only felt like, ‘Let’s uncover Scott.’ And he always had his shirt off. [Laughs].”

I support all of this.


Ansel Elgort knows how it feels to let a good Sparks film instrumentation get a best of him.

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