‘No some-more Fifty Shades of Grey!’ urges Swansea bookshop boss

March 21, 2016 - Fifty Shades of Grey

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THE trainer of a gift bookshop is anticipating to tighten a section on a tellurian book materialisation after being flooded with secondhand copies.

Like many booksellers and gift shops, a Oxfam bookshop on Castle Street, Swansea, is a retirement home for countless copies of Fifty Shades of Grey and a sequels.

The EL James series, forever referred to in a media, has crushed sales annals and strike a large screen.

But a essay could be on a wall for Phil Broadhurst, of a Oxfam bookshop, during least, who pronounced on a Facebook post: “We conclude all your donations, though reduction Fifty Shades and some-more Sixties and Seventies vinyl would be good.”

A identical summary was conveyed to a open when a emporium was flooded with Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code.

Mr Broadhurst pronounced a Facebook post was carrying a large impact.

“I consider it has widespread since people like a humour in a interest — and also there are a lot of people spooky by Fifty Shades of Grey and by vinyl!”

Unwanted copies of EL James’s amorous dramas are collected by Goldstone Books, nearby Ammanford.

The business has grown from a behind bedroom craving to a room operation contracting 32 staff.

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Managing executive Ashley Stamford-Plows pronounced supply of a EL James books was outstripping demand, though that there had been a conspicuous swell in direct when a Fifty Shades of Grey film came out final year.

He pronounced Goldstone Books was unresolved onto thousands of copies of a series, with a film supplement — Fifty Shades Darker — due out subsequent year.

The premises now has 750,000 books of all descriptions in stock.

“The Fifty Shades array has taken it to a whole new level,” combined Mr Stamford-Plows. “We have sole thousands ourselves.”

Goldstone Books, that usually sells books online around third celebration websites like Amazon and eBay, collects books each week from 260 gift shops in Wales and a Bristol area.

The books are scanned as they arrive, with a set of algorithms determining what should be kept and what their online value is. Ones that won’t sell — some 20 tonnes per week — are sent for recycling where they are pulped into kitchen and toilet roll.

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Mr Stamford-Plows pronounced singular gems did spasmodic spin up.

“We have an antiquarian dialect here, and we sell some high-value books each week,” he said.

One instance was a initial book of The Hound of a Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, that sole for £600.

Mr Stamford-Plows pronounced he was not privately informed with a work of EL James.

“I haven’t review Fifty Shades of Grey — my mother has,” he said.

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