Nottingham’s answer to Fifty Shades of Grey? Erotica author pens ‘stimulating’ novel

March 13, 2016 - Fifty Shades of Grey

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Erotica author Libby Fox admits essay a amorous novel done her blush.

Penning Nottingham’s answer to Fifty Shades of Grey authorised her imagination to run wild.

The Nottingham NHS interpreter didn’t reason behind in her raunchy story of a cardiac nurse’s extra-marital event with a high-flying cosmetic surgeon.

Imagining striking scenes, fetishes and threesomes took her approach out of her comfort zone.

Libby, who is “over 50,” says: “I asked myself ‘am we going to put this? Am we going to write this? Oh my god, approbation we am!’ It’s a really sensitive and titillating book.

“To tell we a law it was utterly easy to write it though we was red in a face… substantially still red-faced now.”

Libby will be signing copies of her bonkbuster Black for Last and assembly fans in Waterstones this Saturday.

Writing adult fiction, with an 18+ smallest age limit, never crossed her mind until she review a few chapters of E.L. James’s Fifty Shades’ best-seller.

Libby, from Wilford, directed transparent of Christian Grey-style sadomasochism and done her heading lady an equal player.

Married Libby emphasises a story is utterly a fetish of her imagination.

“I’m not a arrange of chairman that would go around and have a bit on a side. That’s not for me, I’m happily married,” says Libby, who was innate in Malta and has lived in Italy, Canada and Israel, where she met her father David in a disco.

However, some of a personalities are formed on people she encountered during her travels.

The greeting from her father and friends after reading a novel was one of shock.

“My father was somewhat repelled though during a finish of a day we pronounced to him it’s usually a book and he’s ok. He pushes it a lot and has sole a lot to his friends and they all desired it. “And a reviews are really good so somebody contingency like it.

“I’ve had lots of group reading it, we was utterly surprised.

“Some people will be repelled though it’s that arrange of genre where we accept it or ‘no way’. You get people out there who are very, really prudish.”

Since self-publishing a novel final year and offered online and in Waterstones, Libby reckons she has sole scarcely 1,000 copies.

Currently, she is translating a book into Italian and French as good as operative on a supplement Paris for Sophie, that she promises will be only as erotic, though with some-more humour.

“There is feeling though there is a good story to it.”

Is any partial of a story semi-autobiographical?

“I’m not going to answer that question, sorry!” laughs Libby, who can pronounce 5 languages including Arabic and Hebrew.

The book has been review by 30-somethings, right adult to an 80-year-old.

“I was totally chuffed with this, meaningful it appeals to such a far-reaching operation of readers.”

* Libby will be signing copies of Black for Last, £7.99, 11am-1pm during Waterstones, in Bridlesmith Gate, Admission is free.

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