Outlook Is Grey As Fifty Shades Darker Is Seemingly Stuck In Development Hell

October 7, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

After Fifty Shades of Grey director Sam Taylor-Johnson left a authorization after a perils of operative with vital calamity E. L. James, it looked like a supplement competence be in danger. Fans were vehement when it was eventually reliable that James Foley (At Close Range, Glengarry Glen Ross) was sealed on to approach Fifty Shades Darker.

But notwithstanding this apparent step brazen there’s hardly been a sight from a prolongation given Foley was announced, with swell clearly during a standstill.

Cast and Characters

“We’re nowhere nearby casting. We haven’t gotten into anything like that. We don’t even have a casting executive on it yet.” Producer Dana Brunetti pronounced following a appointment of Foley as director.

Now, employing a casting executive is flattering important, and it’s one of a initial things you’ll be looking to do after a book is finalised. Given that E. L. James’ father Niall Leonard is essay pronounced book you’d suppose he’d have it a bit easier than bad Kelly Marcel did, yet somehow we doubt it.

Anyway, a casting executive is critical as he or she is in assign of stuffing a roles of pivotal characters being introduced in Fifty Shades Darker. Those roles embody Jack Hyde, Elena Lincoln (Mrs. Robinson) and Leila Williams.

It was rumoured that Henry Cavill, Ian Somerhalder, Theo James, Charlize Theron, Cara Delevingne and Alexis Bledel were all in talks to be attached, yet zero of them have commented on this aside Cavill who spoke out only to contend that he wasn’t concerned in a film during all. Honestly, a infancy of those names are actors who are presumably already good determined or are on a upwards arena into A-list status, so we wouldn’t reason my exhale for any of them removing involved.

Ratings Causing Problems?

Apart from a countless other things it was critiqued for, Fifty Shades of Grey was criticised by fans for a miss of raunchy scenes included. Given that this is what a books include mostly of, we can see since this would be a beating to fans.

Again this is something we can presumably charge to E. L. James not permitting Marcel to scrupulously adjust a book (read a article) yet also so a studio could get that enchanting R rating rather than NC-17, that would serve extent a cinema assembly since a film about an violent attribute sheltered as romance is totally something we should be selling to teenage girls.

Anyway, a gossip per Jamie Dornan going full frontal continues to circulate, with him apparently being offering an additional $1 million in sequence to support to fan direct for raunchier scenes. This would really pull a film into a NC-17 rating, yet given a book’s aim assembly we doubt this would means a large hole in a sum profits.

Another Book?

Lastly, E.L. James reliable that she’ll be essay a book’s initial sequel, Fifty Shades Darker, from Christian Grey’s perspective. This follows in a footsteps of a new Grey wherein we got a accurate same story as Fifty Shades only “dirtier” since it was from a viewpoint of a manipulative Grey who we schooled hated Anna’s roommate Kate (who was arguably a one chairman who operated with Anna’s best interests during heart) and, my favourite, was angry and disgusted by a fact that Ana was a virgin. The idea!

“Anger lances by me. What can we do with a virgin? we glisten during her as ire surges by my body.”

Yeeep, zero wrong with that judgment there during all.

Fifty Shades Darker is scheduled to be expelled Feb 2017.

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