Pensioner desirous by Fifty Shades of Grey writes initial amorous novella book during age 89

May 29, 2016 - Fifty Shades of Grey

A masculine claims to have penned amorous fiction’s ‘biggest creation given Fifty Shades of Grey ‘ – during a age of 89.

Barrie Stacey shows no signs of negligence down, notwithstanding coming his ninth decade.

Instead, he has incited his palm to essay suacy books after reading a barbarous novel by E L James and meditative he could do better.

His initial try into a genre of amorous novella is A Ticket To Passion, a ribald frisk following a lives of dual unequivocally opposite siblings.

And a Londoner thinks it will opposition a likes of Fifty Shades, that sole over 125 million copies worldwide and was a UK’s fastest-selling paperback of all time.

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Barrie, a UK’s oldest operative entertainment agent, said: “To be truthful, we review Fifty Shades of Grey and suspicion we could do improved than that.

“I’ve been a melodramatic representative and author for many of my adult life, doing all from furloughed with my possess one-man uncover to essay full-length children’s musicals.

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Barrie Stacey has created his initial amorous novella book during a age of 89

Barrie Stacey, author of ‘A Ticket to Passion’

“It’s prepped me well, nonetheless admittedly I’ve never tackled anything utterly this sparkling before. As Mae West told us years ago, sex is a four-letter word.”

Barrie has formerly created autobiographies about his life in showbusiness – though this is his initial incursion into novella designed to get readers prohibited underneath a collar.

Flustered group prepared Fifty Shades book 'Grey' out loud

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His book tells a story of hermit and sister Teddy and Emma, with Teddy sleeping his approach by many of a women in their home town.

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It is described on Amazon as “a suacy story that will concede a reader’s imagination to operation over whose life they unequivocally brand with and that impression they competence rather be.”

Barrie says his book is a one-of-a-kind, saying: “The unequivocally singular thing about this novel is that it doesn’t crash divided – forgive a joke – during a common repeated and rather vanilla sex scenes that are apropos some-more prevalent in amorous fiction.

“There’s unequivocally zero else like this out there. we privately cruise it to be a genre’s biggest creation given Fifty Shades – not bad for a man who will shortly strike 90.”

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