P!nk Goes All Fifty Shades Of Grey On Channing Tatum In New Video

November 22, 2017 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Magic Mike heartthrob Channing Tatum has finally met his match: P!nk, a daredevil thespian who recently achieved “Beautiful Trauma” while dangling off a skyscraper. In a single’s new song video, P!nk and Tatum group adult to take down gender roles.

At first, “Beautiful Trauma” — cowritten by Jack Antonoff — focuses on P!nk and Tatum’s not-so-picture-perfect relationship. She plays his domestic wife; he plays her stoic father watchful for dinner. Then she catches him personally perplexing on her dress, and zero is ever a same again.

Just as “Beautiful Trauma” destroys stereotypes, P!nk common a identical summary of acceptance during a 2017 MTV Video Music Awards final August. When she supposed a Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, one of a night’s many prestigious honors, she told a assembly a pleasing story about her daughter. Willow, 6, was disturbed she “[looked] like a child with prolonged hair.”

P!nk’s full response deserves a station ovation, though here’s a quite badass highlight.

I said, ‘Do we see me flourishing my hair?’ She said, ‘No mama.’ we said, ‘Do we see me changing my body?’ ‘No mama.’ ‘Do we see me changing a approach we benefaction myself to a world?’ ‘No mama.’ ‘Do we see me offered out arenas all over a world?’ ‘Yes mama.’ … We take a sand and a bombard and we make a pearl, and we assistance other people to change so that they can see some-more kinds of beauty.

Moments later, MTV News correspodent Gaby Wilson held adult with P!nk backstage to find out what Willow suspicion of her mom’s lenient speech.

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