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April 2, 2016 - Fifty Shades of Grey

A REIGATE man’s book about a unsung heroes of a Battle of Britain will be published during a 16th try – after he was desirous by reading Fifty Shades Of Grey.

Despite being deserted by 15 publishers, John Hughes’ novel Spitfire Spies is finally going to be printed.

Inspired by a purpose of a lost womanlike pilots in a Second World War, Mr Hughes has spent a past 25 years essay and perfecting a novel about a Battle of Britain – though with a twist.

The 59-year-old began researching his book in 1990 and became intrigued by a purpose womanlike pilots played in a battle.

But Mr Hughes admits it took a review of E L James’s famous insinuate novel to coax him on to finally finish his possess work.

He explained: “A few years ago we review Fifty Shades Of Grey, and we realised that what we had created was only as good.

“So we pulled out a publishing from underneath my bed, done a few tweaks and started to send it off to several publishers.”

Mr Hughes, who lives in Holmesdale Road, suffered rejecting after rejecting from publishers, until London-based publishers Austin Macauley took adult a novel, that is being published this month.

He said: “I sent out a few chapters about a book, and afterwards they asked to see a whole manuscript. we never listened from them for about a month so suspicion zero of it.

“But we only remember one day a brownish-red pouch descending by a letterbox with a agreement in it. we was so vacant and blissful to collect myself adult and accept a offer.”

The book tells a story of Alison Webb, a womanlike attempt commander who joins army with MI5 to foil German spies.

The story was triggered by a relocating discuss with Lettice Curtis, a womanlike commander who flew Lancaster Bombers and Spitfires from factories to a airfields, so that a group could take to a skies in bombing raids and strengthen a nation from a Nazis.

Mr Hughes, an information governance manager during Crawley Hospital, said: “I spoke with Lettice and she told me about her practice of a fight that were so inspiring.

“I theory that is what led me to bottom Alison’s impression on her, since these lost pilots were really most a unsung heroes of a Second World War.”

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