REVIEW: Magic Men Live: where half-naked ancient civilizations and 50 Shades of Grey collide

September 16, 2017 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Something about a sound of scarcely 700 women (and a few men) screaming shrilly inside a Bing Crosby Theater Thursday night — interconnected with a carnal desires behind those shrieks — done me consternation how absolute a coven this organisation could make, if usually we weren’t all there to watch brawny organisation get scarcely naked.

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    Gather sisters, accumulate thee,
    Into a Bing, where we shall scream
    So biting shall be a strong call
    As ladies direct to see it all

    The sculpted organisation on theatre will dance
    Bump, and grind, and chuck a glance
    during any and each one of us
    who’ve paid too most to only lay and blush.

    Those non-believers, they will see
    how powerful, we ladies be
    we can tell I’m losing we already
    No one else suspicion a magician thing? Just me?


    But a appetite is intense in a scarcely all-female crowd. There’s a certain indicate (very, really early in a night) when everybody is feeling this upbeat appetite together; dancing and drinking, not caring too most what they demeanour like (while concurrently dressed to a nines) and anticipating to get a closer demeanour during a hunks that make adult “Magic Men Live.”

    The Magic Men clearly know a pivotal component to creation things voluptuous for women is a lot reduction about a dancer, and a lot some-more about a idea he represents.


      Which is a good thing for those who competence differently get dreaming by dancers who aren’t always totally in sync:


        To assistance make that voluptuous thought come alive on stage, they’ve got something for each palate. Maybe you’re into cowboys, or child bands, or organisation in a armed forces. Maybe you’re some-more of a Fifty Shades of Grey type:


          If that doesn’t do it for you, how about some ancient civilization-themed voluptuous dance? When they brought out a gladiators, we wasn’t shocked, yet we can overtly contend we never illusory I’d find myself examination a pharaoh flanked by half exposed Anubis’s (is it Anubi? did anyone ever consider there’d be this many dog-headed Egyptian gods in one place?) as they all frame to flashing lights and modern, bumping dance music.

          A few propitious ladies got a possibility to go onstage during a uncover and get an up-close and personal dance from a guys. Volunteers were humped, flipped and carried opposite a theatre in all demeanour of non-PG ways (the uncover is 18 and older, if we go when they’re subsequent in town).

          Luckily, even those of us who paid scarcely $40 only to be in a “nosebleeds” during a behind of a patio got a possibility to see and feel a act as a dancers worked a whole room. Wave a $20 check and we were probable to get manhandled in all a right ways. Sit dual seats down from someone who waves a $20 check and we still competence get a British-style atmosphere lick on a cheek. Call it material damnnnn-age.

          As most as a out-of-sync moves worried me in a beginning, by a end, a organisation was parsimonious and together, and their relocating and grooving via a throng done it a fun knowledge for everyone. It’d be a good night to take a few girlfriends to, and don’t worry about your age: there were some gray ladies rocking out only as tough as a singular 20-somethings.

          Personally, I’d contend this uncover is good value a cost, yet we didn’t buy a some-more costly seats (which went for north of $77 after fees) or entrance to celebration with a Magic Men after a show. Fans of Magic Mike will have their expectations met, and formed on a hum in a lavatory after a uncover — “he was so. hot.” “I’m so blissful my beloved doesn’t know I’m here” — I’d contend a other ladies would agree.

          By a way, a guys will be in Missoula tonight, during a Dennison Theatre; then they’ll make their approach to Tacoma, Portland and Eugene before withdrawal a PNW.

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