Rita Ora Talks Feminism Ahead of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Film Bow

January 1, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

She’s shortly to be seen personification Mia in one of a year’s biggest films, though when it comes to a male-dominated song business Rita Ora says that it’s undeniably critical that women “stick together.”    

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“I consider people take a word feminist unequivocally severely and we consider people are frightened to use that word,” a British thespian says in an talk with U.K. journal The Mirror.

“In this industry, all a heads of labels are men, though each artist has to infer themselves, regardless of their sex. we have always been really outspoken about a women adhering together,” Ora went on to say. 

“Without pulling a whole womanlike card, we consider it has always been harder for females in all respects,” Ora added. “Whenever we have an opinion it always seems to be taken out of proportion. As a lady in this industry, it has always been a bit about proof yourself.”
In further to starring in a arriving instrumentation of Fifty Shades of Grey, 2015 will also see Ora entrance as a decider on a British chronicle of The Voice, alongside Tom Jones, Will.i.am and Kaiser Chiefs thespian Ricky Wilson.

“It is a initial time that we have been on TV for some-more than an talk or something like that. I’m shaken about what we am going to consider of myself when we watch myself back,” a thespian told The Mirror.

This year will also see a 24-year-old – who is sealed to Jay-Z‘s Roc Nation impress and memorably featured on Iggy Azelea‘s “Black Widow” Hot 100 pound – recover her as-yet-untitled second album. The initial singular to be carried from a manuscript was “I Will Never Let You Down,” that sparked a high-profile argument with her Ora’s ex-boyfriend, EDM star Calvin Harris, who wrote and constructed a track.

Although that attribute fast soured, Ora has no necessity of other artists backing adult to work with her. In a run adult to her sophomore studio set, a thespian is reported to have been collaborating with Diplo, Diane Warren, Jay-Z, Charli XCX, Dev Hynes, Chicago-based rapper Vic Mensa, Will.i.am and Prince, nonetheless it has not been reliable that artists or collaborations will seem on a album. 

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“I was totally repelled that Prince would even know my name,” Rita told Clash repository final year. “I was meditative to myself, ‘I can't trust I’m in Minneapolis in Paisley Park creation song with a walking legend.’ He plays everything, he’s got all these instruments, and he still looks fabulous. He’s a 360-degree work of art. He’s literally a walking work of art.”

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