Rita Ora’s ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Makeover Really Upsets Fans: See Her As Mia …

November 29, 2014 - Fifty Shades of Grey

The casting of Rita Ora as Mia Grey in a Fifty Shades of Grey film was already a argumentative pierce — Ora is a thespian with tiny behaving experience, and many fans of a book felt that Rita didn’t compare a amorous novel’s outline of Christian Grey’s adopted sister.

Fifty Shades of Grey fans were recently treated to a initial demeanour during Rita Ora as Mia Grey, and a print did zero to reduce their fears about her casting as a character. However, a outrageous recoil isn’t totally her error — a bad wig and a matronly dress do her no favors in a print below.

Rita Ora As Mia GreyRita Ora As Mia Grey

According to SheKnows, a Fifty Shades of Grey central Facebook page expelled a design in respect of Rita Ora’s 24th birthday. Unfortunately, fans weren’t in most of a celebratory mood after saying a photo, and they unequivocally didn’t determine that Ora looks “lively and vivacious” as Mia Grey.

“Hating a film already….that hair is soo inexpensive for a Grey!!!” one commenter wrote.

“Ewww, misfortune casting ever! She looks like Velma from Scooby Doo,” another complained.

One fan dubbed her Amelie-esque haircut a “wanna be lady chronicle of a chili bowl,” and there were a few complaints that Rita looks “manly” with a brief bob. A vast series of fans also settled that Ora looks too aged to play Mia Grey, and her “grandma” dress positively doesn’t make her demeanour any younger.

Some fans are already essay off Fifty Shades of Grey as a finish disaster.

“Nope. nope nope,” one commenter wrote. “I consider this film is going to be funny. Not in a humorous way, nonetheless in a oh my God we can’t trust it’s indeed that bad way.”

A infancy of a Facebook comments were negative, and Twitter users were usually as nasty.

At slightest Rita Ora has Harvey Weinstein in her corner. Before Fifty Shades of Grey, her biggest purpose was a unequivocally tiny partial in Fast Furious 6. However, Weinstein seems to trust that a thespian is unfailing to turn a unequivocally achieved actress, and a writer even hired her to star alongside Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel McAdams in his arriving film Southpaw.

Weinstein told a Daily Mail that Rita Ora is his “biggest discovery” as an singer this year, and he couldn’t stop purgation about her talent in front of a camera.

“She is heart-breakingly genuine and smashing and behaving conflicting Jake Gyllenhaal, who is riveting in this movie, she binds her possess and afterwards some. we will work with Rita again and again and again. Personally, we thinks she’s my biggest find as an singer this year.”

Weinstein competence get his wish, since Ora recently certified that she’s held a behaving bug. As a Inquisitr formerly reported, she suggested that Fifty Shades of Grey has already helped her measure a few mystery roles that she can’t announce yet.

“Everyone is going to have their possess opinions. But for me this was such a good cameo to be concerned in, and even nonetheless I’m usually in it for a tiny bit, it’s non-stop a doorway to a lot of film things that we haven’t indeed announced yet.”

Playing Mia Grey was a good training knowledge for Rita Ora since a purpose was a unequivocally severe one. Ora told MTV News that she had to learn French and use vocalization with an American accent to prep for a part.

“I prepped for a purpose by training some French initial of all, by training an American accent and by unequivocally usually not being me. we had a brownish-red wig on and we was being a intelligent lady that came from French propagandize to see her family, so it was usually a lot of dedication, it was like going behind to school.”

So while Fifty Shades of Grey fans competence not accept Rita Ora as Mia Grey, it looks like a partial could lead to a prolonged behaving career for a British beauty. Do we consider that she’ll overcome bad styling to infer that she was right for a role?

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