Rumour Patrol: What’s True and What’s Not About Grey Sequel "Fifty Shades Darker"

November 1, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey – as in a film array and a books – has turn inbred in cocktail culture. Whether we adore it or adore to hatred it, chances are you’re articulate about it, and that’s since a initial film took half a billion dollars during a box office. Every now and afterwards we come opposite “news” about a sequel, Fifty Shades Darker, that on serve review seems to be a gossip dressed adult as fact – since actually, not a whole lot is nonetheless famous about a second film in this remunerative franchise.

With that in mind, we suspicion it could be fun to face a gossip indent conduct on and debunk all that’s fake – and maybe find a few nuggets of law as well. Let’s do this.

Rumour 1: Fans are insane during Jamie Dornan

Don't be insane during a happy family, y'all
Don’t be insane during a happy family, y’all

According to a sincerely absurd essay in RealtyToday, a apportionment of a Grey fanbase is strong pissed during Mr. Grey himself, Jamie Dornan, for carrying a baby with his mother Amelia Warner, and adventurous to take some time off from creation cinema to be a Dad. On a one hand, it’s not formidable to suppose that some fans are so consumed by a need to get their repair of Darker as shortly as is humanly probable that they would calumniate a male for wanting to be a good father – yet on a other, this gossip has been clearly been pulled out of a dim anatomical region. RealtyToday haven’t even left to a worry of quoting anybody – and until Mr. A. Source speaks on a subject, we don’t trust a word of it.

VERDICT: Totally not true.

Rumour 2: No casting executive yet

A garland of new pieces on a internet, including this one from Inquisitr, state that a film has nonetheless to designate a casting director. Clearly, prolongation can’t start on Darker until that happens. In my opinion, this gossip is utterly credible. Usually appointment of pivotal prolongation members goes public, and with a executive usually recently found for a movie, it’s utterly probable that a casting executive has nonetheless to be chosen. Which is a small mocking when we consider about it.

VERDICT: Let’s assume it’s true.

Rumour 3: Charlize Theron

Bear with me a moment. we need a second to accumulate myself. Okay, we’re good. Everybody’s been going a small bit mental when it comes to suggestions for a ancillary players in Darker, and one of a large ones – a purpose of Elena Lincoln – has been related with nothing other than Charlize Theron, star of Prometheus and Mad Max: Fury Road, among many others. The sheer truth? Theron is not going to take a teenager purpose in a second film of a authorization like this while her career is in a such good place.

VERDICT: Strictly sad thinking.

Rumour 4: Things are off-schedule

These whispers have been doing a rounds for a while now, commencement with Universal’s check in appointing a executive after Sam Taylor-Johnson exited a project, with James Foley now in a chair. Other new pieces, though, have suggested that pre-production has begun, that would indicate a filming date of early 2016, permitting a film to make a Valentine’s Day 2017 recover slot. This one’s too tough to call.

VERDICT: It’ll be out by Feb 2017.

Rumour 5: Cara Delevingne could feature

Unlike a Charlize Theron rumour, this one is not totally out there. Delevingne has a vital purpose in Suicide Squad next year, yet her new starring car Paper Towns failed to strech a assembly who went crazy for The Fault in Our Stars, definition Delevingne still has copiousness to infer to those who consider she’s only a indication perplexing her fitness in Hollywood, rather than a critical actor. (For a record, we consider she’s brilliant.) But while a film wouldn’t be underneath her, and womanlike audiences have good recognition of her brand, it still strikes me as an peculiar fit.

VERDICT: Don’t reason your breath…

Rumour 6: Expect to see some-more of Rita

Rita: radiation. Hardcore radiation.
Rita: radiation. Hardcore radiation.

Rita Ora is in a bizarre position of carrying half a universe know her name, notwithstanding a fact that her song isn’t generally successful outward a UK and she’s never had a vital behaving role. Essentially, she only has implausible PR people. Despite a vital understanding done of her purpose in Grey, it was radically only a cameo, yet there’s each reason to suppose she’ll get stretched screentime in Darker. She’s gorgeous, after all, and clearly on a trail to universe domination.

VERDICT: The many plausible rumour. That Rita deviation is spreading.

Are we vehement for Darker? Have we come opposite any rumours recently? Share your knowledge in a comments!

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