Sam Taylor-Johnson Was Offered ‘Nothing’ After Success of ‘Fifty Shades,’ though That Didn’t Derail Her Passion Project

September 12, 2018 - Fifty Shades of Grey

The numbers should have oral for themselves: With usually one before underline film underneath her belt, filmmaker Sam Taylor-Johnson took a best-selling novel about eccentric sex and incited “Fifty Shades of Grey” into a blockbuster juggernaut that finished over half a billion dollars worldwide, pulling her into a tip echelons of unequivocally essential directors. And then, she said, nobody called. Reports of on-set play and artistic differences kept Taylor-Johnson from removing hired on a much-hyped sequels, and while her success with a E.L. James instrumentation seemed like rocket fuel for her career, it valid to be a opposite.

Three years later, Taylor-Johnson is behind on a large shade with another adaptation, a dirty take on James Frey’s argumentative “A Million Little Pieces.” It’s a passion plan she’s dreamed of for years, though it didn’t come easily, even with half a billion dollars behind her name.

“You would be astounded during how …No, we wouldn’t be surprised, sadly. Nothing,” Taylor-Johnson told IndieWire in a new speak when asked about a films that were offering to her after “Fifty Shades.” “I literally was scrambling still, in accurately a same position we was before to that. I’d contend to my agent, ‘I adore this book. we unequivocally adore it. What’s a understanding with it?’ ‘They’re going to Steven, Steven, David, David, and John.’ But we know I’m entirely capable.”

Taylor-Johnson is outspoken about her situation, though she’s also got a certification to behind it up. “I’ve finished a brief film. I’ve finished an indie. I’ve finished a blockbuster. I’ve finished a TV show. I’ve usually now finished impassioned tiny budget. I’m gifted opposite a board,” she said. “I’ve shown I’m capable, though I’m still distant down a list.”

Taylor-Johnson started as a fine-art photographer and video artist, before transitioning to filmmaking with her 2009 John Lennon biopic, “Nowhere Boy.” That film starred her “A Million Little Pieces” star, co-writer, and destiny husband, Aaron Taylor-Johnson. The span fell in adore on set, had dual daughters in 2010 and 2012, before marrying a few months after a birth of their second child.

“After we did ‘Nowhere Boy,’ and we had dual kids, we was unequivocally wakeful that that was going to revoke my stock,” Taylor-Johnson said. “I had this inherited panic that we had to finish nursing and get behind out there and do meetings, and uncover that we was still benefaction since if we left it too long, we was a mom during home with 4 kids. …It was that thing that we don’t wish to spin irrelevant to a filmmaking universe usually since we have kids. we wish to uncover that we can still do it.”

“A Million Little Pieces”

She was so vigilant on gripping adult movement that Taylor-Johnson started filming “Fifty Shades” when her youngest was usually dual years old. “It’s arrange of unhappy that we have to feel that way, since it’s such a tedious thing to have to say, though no masculine executive gets that, ‘Oh, you’ve usually had a baby. You’re not going to be means to make a movie,’” she said.

Like many people, Taylor-Johnson precious James Frey’s “A Million Little Pieces” when it initial came out in 2003, though she saw something else inside a story: a intensity for a good movie. Even a successive debate that came when some of Frey’s some-more colorful “memories” were fake didn’t derail her dream.

“It was always going to be a book,” she said. “We did speak about it, of course, like, what if we went a small bit serve and into a universe of James’s life? we was like, no. Let’s usually demeanour during a book as a story and a plans for a movie. At a certain indicate when you’re script-writing, we chuck a book away. You have to afterwards appreciate it and emanate it as your own.”

After removing a rights from Frey (who had, in turn, usually recently gotten them behind from Warner Bros.), a Taylor-Johnsons worked on a screenplay for over a year, eventually churning out a spec book that was pulling 250 pages, that they eventually winnowed divided to 190. Taylor-Johnson credits an unnamed crony in film growth for tasking them with slicing a screenplay — overnight, no less — to a some-more docile number. They finished it down to 93, a good series for any eccentric production, though an generally good one for a film that filmed over usually 20 days and cost reduction than $50 million.

She continues to fume about a hurdles she’s faced as a filmmaker. “It drives me crazy, not usually for myself, since we have all that knowledge and I’m flattering ballsy, we can punch by doors when they’ve slammed in my face,” Taylor-Johnson said. “But we still wish to yowl during a clarity of inequality, let alone for other immature filmmakers perplexing to make their way, or someone who’s finished their initial film perplexing to get their second film. It’s rough, and it shouldn’t be that rough.”

“A Million Little Pieces” premiered during a 2018 Toronto International Film Festival. It is now seeking U.S. distribution.

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