Season 2, Episode 11 – "Fifty Shades of Grey Matter"

February 6, 2016 - Fifty Shades of Grey

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Season 2, Episode 11 – “Fifty Shades of Grey Matter”
Cast: Rose McIver, Rahul Kohli, Malcolm Goodwin, Robert Buckley, David Anders, Jessica Harmon, Greg Finley
Regular airtime: Tuesdays, 9pm

US: 2 Feb 2016

In what might be a sharpest part of a deteriorate so far, “Fifty Shades of Grey Matter” skilfully moves between a amusement a array does so well, and a increasingly some-more formidable story arc that hangs over a series. This is a eleventh part of a season, and it feels like a uncover is headed for a outrageous blowup, either it’s associated to tour a zombie race to a authorities, or Major’s (Robert Buckley) unfortunate attempts to keep tip his charge from Vaughn Du Clark (Steven Weber), or Peyton’s offer impasse with Blaine (David Anders) and her review into Mr. Boss (Eddie Jemison). The ways in that a series, and this part in particular, navigates all these separate, nonetheless concentration parts, is brilliantly paced.

Centered on a genocide of librarian Grace LeGare by hemlock poisoning, Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) and Liv (Rose McIver) shortly learn she was a soon-to-be published author of erotica. Although her sceptical and disapproving co-worker is a suspect, Grace was indeed tainted by her possessive husband, Andy. The mystery-of-the-week takes rather of a backseat to all a incomparable threads in a story, nonetheless it’s still a good showcase for McIver as she hits on each male she sees, including an worried Clive and an amused Ravi (Rahul Kohli) and Major.

In a shout-out to Veronica Mars fans, Clive and Liv are given an allege audiobook duplicate to listen to (”The Upright Position as review by Kristen Bell. I’ve always felt a kind of tie to her”, Liv says), and a over-the-top, amorous denunciation is a waggish introduction to Liv’s celebrity of a week, as good as a wily callback to Bell’s glorious voiceovers in Veronica Mars.

Liv’s new celebrity is indiscriminately flirtatious and revealing to both unequivocally humorous effect, generally when perplexing to get Ravi and Major to combat naked, and also to potentially catastrophic effect, when she agrees to date Drake (Greg Finley), Blaine’s latest victim/enforcer. It’s a latter outcome that has a many fallout this week, when it’s suggested during a finish of a part that Liv slept with Drake. Liv’s bewail is apparent after Peyton (Aly Michalka) reveals that she’s slept with Blaine (“You know, we nap with someone, we consider we know them. But they could be anybody”.). Both Peyton and Liv are in over their heads, nonetheless in opposite ways, nonetheless they intersect during a finish of a episode, personification adult a meaningful tinge that iZombie employs so well.

Adding to a tragedy is a review into a Chaos Killer. Clive and Bozzio (Jessica Harmon) continue to tighten in on Major but meaningful it, all a while chasing Blaine who’s obliged for adequate murders on his possess to aver an investigation. When Clive and Liv alone exhibit to Peyton a list of crimes that can directly be tied behind to Blaine, a array also reminds a assembly that desirable nonetheless he might be, Blaine is above all a survivor peaceful to do anything to stay forward and offer his possess agenda.

When Clive and Bozzio finally comprehend that John Deaux is Blaine DeBeers is Blaine McDonough, they have adequate to detain him on an aged drug aver and doubt him as a Chaos Killer. Anders is smashing in a inquire scene—unconcerned and ominous all during once—and a stage also highlights usually how out of her abyss Peyton is when she gets him expelled on immunity. She realizes that she’s been manipulated and a consequences are potentially extreme.

Further complicating things is Major’s purpose as killer-by-blackmail. Though he’s not unequivocally murdering a people he’s tasked to eliminate, no one unequivocally knows what he’s doing. His hostility to disclose in even Ravi or Liv is clearly holding a fee and sadly, this part outlines a depart of Minor. It’s a sweet, distressing stage and Buckley delivers.

Although “Fifty Shades of Grey Matter” unabashedly delves into a dark during a heart of a series, iZombie stays consistently crafty and funny, astonishing nonetheless it might seem. Ravi branch down Liv’s advances (“Go forth, approach your lust elsewhere”), Bozzio’s increasingly comical asides (accusing Clive of “mansplaining”), and McIver’s joining to Liv’s newly inapt function are all examples of ways in that a array smartly inserts moments of amusement to disband a drama, as good as to offer strength out personalities.

More than any other part this season, “Fifty Shades of Grey Matter” serves as a ideal encapsulation of a series. The change that iZombie manages to grasp week after week is no tiny feat, nonetheless a uncover usually continues to get some-more fascinating and compelling. At this point, a incomparable story that looms over a whole array is so perplexing and a characterizations so spot-on that examination a uncover never disappoints.



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