Stephenie Meyer Disappoints Fans; Blames ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

October 16, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

“It was a verbatim flip of a list for me.” pronounced Stephenie Meyer.

The author of a ‘Twilight series’ says she is finished with a Cullens as reported by Entertainment Weekly . Meyer brings a unsatisfactory news to fans revelation everybody that her bookMidnight Sun‘ is no longer happening.

Twilight spinoff ‘Midnight Sun‘ is a same unusual banned adore story though it’s created in a 107-year-old vampire Edward Cullen’s perspective. But in 2008, 12 chapters of a book were leaked online creation ‘Twihards’ go crazy. This clearly dissapoint a author as she common in her website

But according to techinsider, Meyer had recently created dual some-more paragraphs for a book that elicited another vehement response to a assembly before ripping their froth with her bad news.

“I have a feeling ‘Midnight Sun’ is rather cursed,” a author pronounced in a new New York Comic-Con. At initial it seemed she was usually referring to a steam though afterwards she combined E.L. James into a picture.

“So what do we consider was a tip story on Yahoo a subsequent morning? ‘Grey.'”

The renouned amorous array ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ started as a fanfiction formed on Twilight. The story was told in ‘Grey’s’ viewpoint that would be rather identical to how ‘Midnight Sun’ is told in Edward Cullen’s indicate of view. Thus Meyer is giving adult on a book.

Meyer gained a personal happening of $125 million by Twilight as cited by Dailymail. Now instead of ‘Midnight Sun’ she is compelling her 442 pages ‘Life and Death’ story that purports to be a gender-swapped retelling of ‘Twilight’.

“I wish to contend this is not a genuine book, and we am totally wakeful of this.” Meyer pronounced in a news of People Magazine.

Either Meyer is totally over Twilight or not, there is frequency any possibility for fans to revisit a universe of Edward and Bella where names are not altered and roles are not swapped. 

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