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October 11, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

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Twilight fans should give adult on ever reading a finished chronicle of Midnight Sun, and Stephenie Meyer is suggesting Fifty Shades Of Grey is to blame.

As all Twihards know, Meyer wrote Midnight Sun as a pseudo-sequel to her strange novel. But instead of being a tradition follow-up, a account is simply reversed. The Twilight Saga story is told from a viewpoint of Edward, instead of Bella.

After an early chronicle leaked online, however, Meyer suspended skeleton to finish and recover a book. In a years since, fans have clamored for her to change her mind. And during a New York Comic-Con row on Thursday, Meyer suggested she did indeed start operative on it again progressing this year.

“It felt unequivocally good,” she certified to cheers. But afterwards Meyer said, “So what do we consider was a tip story on Yahoo a subsequent morning? Grey.” Grey, of course, is E.L. James’ re-telling of Fifty Shades Of Grey from Christian’s indicate of view, instead of Anastasia.

Given that that thought was her goal with Midnight Sun (not to discuss that many already perspective Fifty Shades as a Twilight rip-off), Meyer confessed, “It was a verbatim flip a list impulse for me.” Now, unfortunately for fans, she’s re-committed to NOT finishing a “cursed” project.

Meyer’s comments came during a Comic-Con row about Life and Death, a new Twilight story that swaps a genders of a lead characters. As Gossip Cop reported, that was expelled progressing this week to applaud a 10th anniversary of a novel’s strange publishing. TELL US: What do we consider of Meyer determining not to finish Midnight Sun since of Grey?

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