Study: Reading "Fifty Shades" Says Bad Things About You

August 23, 2014 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey has been called all from “mommy porn” to a “manual for passionate torture,” and in light of new investigate about the amorous novel’s outcome on immature women, we can now supplement really bad influence to a list.

According to research from Michigan State University, immature women who review Fifty Shades of Grey are some-more expected than nonreaders to vaunt signs of eating disorders and have a verbally aroused partner. Beyond that, women who’ve review all 3 of a books in a array were some-more expected to binge splash and have mixed passionate partners.

“Fiction or not, millions of women are immoderate messages in Fifty Shades that normalize and glamorize assault opposite women, underneath a guise of intrigue and eroticism,” reads a study’s introduction. The novel, created by British author E.L. James, traces a attribute between college graduate Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey, a business magnate who introduces her to a universe of BDSM—bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism.

Researchers surveyed 655 women between a ages of 18 and 24 and found that readers of a initial Fifty Shades novel were 25 percent some-more expected to have a partner who yelled or swore during them, 34 percent some-more expected to have a partner who showed stalking tendencies, and some-more than 75 percent some-more expected to have used diet pills or fasted for some-more than 24 hours.

Readers of all 3 books were 65 percent some-more expected than nonreaders to binge splash and 63 percent some-more expected to have 5 or some-more retort partners during their lifetime.

It should be remarkable that a study, that appears in a Journal of Women’s Health, was not means to infer causation. But according to lead author Amy Bonomi, chairperson and highbrow in MSU’s Department of Human Development, a clever organisation between a novel and disastrous behaviors is concerning no matter how we cut it.

“If women gifted inauspicious health behaviors such as jumbled eating first, reading Fifty Shades competence reaffirm those practice and potentially irritate associated trauma,” Bonomi says. “Likewise, if they review Fifty Shades before experiencing a health behaviors seen in a study, it’s probable a books shabby a conflict of these behaviors.”

This isn’t a initial time that a risque review has gotten flak. A prior investigate of Bonomi’s, that analyzed a attribute portrayed in a book according a U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s definitions of domestic abuse, found that it perpetuated assault opposite women. And early this year, one physician due that the promiscuity it promotes could be to censure for a arise in intimately transmitted infections among people over 50.

Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey—in theaters on Valentine’s Day, 2015.

As with swat song and aroused video games, blaming a best-seller for governmental ills can seem absurd and overzealous, though a investigate is advanced by a far-reaching physique of novel that has found an organisation between party mediums and real-life behavior.

“We’re all shabby by a broader amicable context that we live in,” says Bonomi. “We’re all unprotected to music, TV, movies, hyper-sexualized magazines and fiction, and when those things normalize and glamorize domestic violence, it can make it formidable for immature women to commend signs of abuse in their possess relationships.”

Even so, Bonomi isn’t advocating book burning. Rather, she hopes relatives and schools will take an active purpose in educating girl about a significance of healthy relations and physique image. “We are advocating that kids and immature adults be taught to devour novella with a vicious eye,” she says. “They need to be means to commend a disproportion between healthy and diseased behaviors.”

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