Teacher Caught Playing Fifty Shades Of Grey DVD For Students

May 16, 2015 - Fifty Shades of Grey

The principal will see we now.

A masculine clergyman in Hampshire County, West Virginia was held vouchsafing his high school students watch Fifty Shades of Grey in class, The Charleston Daily Mail reports. The students had reportedly assured a clergyman that a observation of a film would be an suitable prerogative for their tough work. We theory that creates him a underling in this relationship?

Somehow, a unnamed clergyman was unknowingly of a film’s risque calm and concluded to a screening.

“Fortunately, an partner principal walked by and saw what they were doing,” propagandize principal Jeff Woofter explained to a paper, adding that a propagandize doesn’t concede films of any arrange to be screened in class. But, we know, generally not ones about BDSM.

“I will contend it was an impassioned miss of visualisation from an differently really able teacher,” Woofter added, yet he unsuccessful to plead if any disciplinary movement was taken. “The clergyman didn’t do a credentials check on a film or even ask about it.”

How is that even possible? Still, it’s good to consider that there competence still be people out there who haven’t listened of Fifty Shades. Stay true, we propitious creatures. 

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